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Friday, September 25, 2009


On my motorola screen shows current time 10.58pm ..mum has not back home yet..she left me at 3.00++pm till now she's missing in action..for sure she with grandma..does she going to grant her promise to buy big apple..em may be not..I lose my mood more appetite currently. I'm messaging with my friend to fade my worrisome. At least I got something to do to make me awake waiting for my mum.She just texted me, she is having her supper at somewhere..I don't want to reply because it only make me agitated. I never left by my parents before..then, i feel quite dejected. ++I almost break my lovely hp..mine is flip one..i let it wide open..then,I just jump onto my bed to read some magazine without realize my hp was beneath the comforter.. huhu thank god it not break apart..peace

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