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Thursday, June 17, 2010


nape la arini malas sangat rasenyer,
I feel really down, no mood to study at all..
lagi nak dekat exam, lagi + malas
what am I suppose to do?? any Ideas??? brilliant without tension
td pown dtg library stay kejap ke, x sampai berapa jam..then chow..
I hope tonight I own my mood again.."study mood"

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

hambaNya yang sering melakukan DOSA,mengharap keAMPUNANNYA,sesungguhnya diri ini insan yang HINA..

Jika kau merasa lelah dan tak berdaya dari usaha yang sepertinya sia-sia....
Allah SWT tahu betapa keras engkau sudah berusaha.

Ketika kau sudah menangis sekian lama dan hatimu masih terasa pedih....
Allah SWT sudah menghitung air matamu.

Ketika kau fikir bahwa hidupmu sedang menunggu sesuatu dan waktu serasa
berjalan begitu saja...
Allah SWT sedang menunggu bersamamu.

Ketika kau berfikir bahwa kau sudah mencuba segalanya dan tidak tahu hendak
berbuat apa lagi...
Allah SWT sudah punya jawabannya.

Ketika segala sesuatu menjadi tidak masuk akal dan kau merasa tertekan...
Allah SWT dapat menenangkanmu.

Ketika kau merasa sendirian dan teman-temanmu terlalu sibuk untuk
Allah SWT selalu berada disampingmu

Ketika kau mendambakan sebuah cinta sejati yang tak kunjung datang...
Allah SWT mempunyai Cinta dan Kasih yang lebih besar dari segalanya
dan Dia telah menciptakan seseorang yang akan menjadi pasangan hidupmu

Ketika kau merasa bahwa kau mencintai seseorang, namun kau tahu cintamu tak
Allah SWT tahu apa yang ada di depanmu dan Dia sedang mempersiapkan segala
yang terbaik untukmu.

Ketika kau merasa telah dikhianati dan dikecewakan. ....
Allah SWT dapat menyembuhkan lukamu dan membuatmu tersenyum

Jika tiba-tiba kau dapat melihat jejak-jejak harapan
Allah SWT sedang berbisik kepadamu

Ketika segala sesuatu berjalan lancar dan kau merasa ingin mengucap
Allah SWT telah memberkatimu

Ketika sesuatu yang indah terjadi dan kau dipenuhi ketakjuban.. ..
Allah SWT telah tersenyum padamu.

Ketika kau memiliki tujuan untuk dipenuhi dan mimpi untuk digenapi....
Allah SWT sudah membuka matamu dan memanggilmu dengan namamu

Ingat dimanapun kau atau kemanapun kau menghadap... .
Allah SWT Maha Mengetahui.Allah SWT Maha Penyayang..


huhu..mulai hari nie saya akan lepaks di library dari 8.30pg hingga kul 4.30ptg, sbb library tutup awal mase intersessi nie. Keadaan ini akan berlarutan hingga ke hari exam..omg next week..maybe on Wednesday. Gile takut. Tadi pown baca buku x masuk2 dlm kepala nie..argh..tension nyer..knp susah sgt nak stdy nie..KLu ddk sorang lagi sakit, dtg la mcm2 dugaan like SLEEPY la SURFING la..mcm2 lagi. Tapi thank God la pagi tue, sorang kwn nie sudi teman. Klu x BORing Gak la.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Haha..tadi my dad terpaksa pecahkan door knob cause pintu terkunci tanpa dikunci. Lawak la, pintu tue memang dh giler kowt, so skrg cume ade pintu without door knob. Lame gak la nak buka pintu nie, me and my sis relax jer, ayah yang susaah payah bukakan..So, thanks to him..Tp pintu nie mmg nak diganti dah kowt, nak wat pintu kaca plak kowt..huhu.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thank God

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful.All Praise is due to Allah The Exalted, and May Allah raise the rank of our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him,his kind relatives and companions, and protect his nation from that which he feared for them thereafter. I'm so grateful because I don't get fail for the one of the most killer subject in our course GENE EXPRESSION..haha..Though my result is just fine, in a moderate level but I think it indicate a good start, I really hope I can do better and better for the next semesters. Thanks DEAR.. cause always besides me, supporting me, pushing me..haha..LOVE u So MucH...

oh shit..

My God, I am shock to see my violin is quarterly ruined, actually that was my fault because maybe I left the bow stretch so the fur was partly torn . I left it for ages, I don't expect it could be this way.My music notes were lost, and I asked my sis to look up her music notes and I tried to play and I hardly play it anymore. Oh God, it such a regret to leave my violin, my music coach must be upset with me, I used to be a good student and have performed in several events it include Pesta Gendang Nusantara, Symposium P.Ramlee, and many other.

Friday, June 11, 2010

prepare would be the last class for intersession, yesterday my lecturer said everybody are free to go or not to go for this last class. So, I think I'd better go cause not much thing to do at home besides of blogging, and Facebooking. I just printed out some previous examination papers to make as exercises and to analyze the question patterns. Sedey's about to end, I'm going to miss everybody who around me throughout intersession. Actually I got plenty of options, whether go to class, back home to Malacca or back to GranDpa's house. I have decided to go for class, just to meet Remnant of people who are willing to come to last free class.

Takut nyer, exam pown nak dekat, just a week ahead!! Argh..tension

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fathers' Day

Fathers' day is nearing, I cek kat internet td...tarikh fathers' day ialah pada 3rd week of June on Sunday. Saye x tau nak ckp ape kat ayah. Ayah mmg baik, concern about me, tp ada benda yang masih lacking..which saye x patut sebut kat sini...ape pown..selamat hari bapa..terima kasih kerana membesarkan afiq sehingga afiq besar skrg.. love you..please take care of mum very2 well..she needs tulis mcm ayah akan bace saje..haha..just using my tiny imagination. Saye suke bermonolog, mungkin kerana ade tanda2 kegilaan disitu..ape yg afiq usahakan skrg hanye utk mum...klu ayah x lg mampu bahagiakan dia, of course afiq rase sedih..hidup afiq ngan mum is almost similar, we always haunted by sadness. Afiq dh tukar cita2...cita2 nak bahagiakan mum life only for tears drop again..I should stop now..before it get worst..


I would like to thanks to all my marketing group members for giving full commitment in finishing our very own project, it such a wonderful experience to be part of it. To my closest friend during the intersession Mohd Farid...thanks for your brilliant idea, and other group members Ismail and Ayu..your works are superb

I release a relief breath when I saw the Marketing Plan completed successfully,OUR work had finished but NOT our friendship..I wish that we will stay intact..

..I should be happy to end this intersession but thing happens in contrast..


argh..I hate this feeling...why my life always covered with sadness...
I got nothing to be happy...

I wish soon I'll found the true happiness..

F**k la..

sume lembab arinie..why eh?? idiot...morons..the server down babe. If the server is fine I wanted to share with you guys my favourite nasheed song sang by an Arabic guy, beautiful song, beautiful voice, beautiful video clip..everything is beautiful, very touchy. My mood has completely spoiled.
Tadi mkn mee pahit...ergh..taste sucks..thanks to honey dew bubble tea..relieving me a bit.

Global warming a doom for Asia's rivers

Global warming a doom for Asia's rivers

hang out at library

does it sound weird..usually people hang out at shopping centre, recreational park or maybe somewhere else that might be sounds good. But me, I just hang out at the library like a'm not GEEK..haha..just browsing around some infos in the seeking info for my zodiac, my friends' zodiac, news, fashion trend..argh..what a boring life..I just couldn't escape from this world.."formal student life"..yucks..I'm now embedded between two gorgeous newly met guys..ceh.suke mereka dgr....haha..kwn marketing..which one is from biology course and another from business marketing course. WE have totally different interest, the one on my left hand side guy so DAMN interested in comics whilst on my right hand excited to see his investment in KLSE..well business minded people always like that..KLSE..what's that??? ha ha..KUALA LUMPUR STOCK EXCHANGE..owh yeah..I just got my second test result..classify it as "just fine"..hopefully I'll get splendid result later. Okay, now I'm out of idea, okay daa..

Tazkirah Pagi

Ketika aku memohon kekuatan..
Allah memberiku kesulitan hingga aku kuat..
Ketika aku memohon kebijaksanaan..
Allah memberiku masalah untuk dipecahkan..
Ketika aku memohon kesejahhteraan..
Allah memberikan aku akal untuk berfikir..
Ketika aku memohon keberanian...
Allah memberikan aku ujian untuk aku atasi..
Ketika aku tidak pernah menerima yang aku pinta..
Tapi aku menerima apa yang aku perlukan...
Allah mengetahui setiap sesuatu..

Allah the Al-Knowing...the Almighty..Bless me always..peace

tranquil morning

No other sound intrude my ear drum except the buzzing sound from little stand fan positioned besides me, emm..WAIT!! I also hear cricket sound from the lawn outside, and a voice reciting's so calming.Everyday during intersession I wake up at 4.30, no alarm needed. my body wakes by itself, after preparing myself(..brushing teeth..rinsing mouth ..cleansing face...bathing..shampooing..bla2..and lastly ablution.) Then, choose right apparel according to day, for example; Monday..should be quite formal, Tuesday, Wednesday, restriction, I may have a random pick...Friday, usually wear loose cut apparel ,,long sleeve shirt..haha..mcm girl I wear..a grey polka dot cardigan, with striking red colour shirt, and skinny jeans..bag..let me think..MAY be CLING BAG would be NICE..DONE..besides blogging, I'm now checking the news in the internet by which it has become one of my MUST thing to do before I off to class. Yeah..just to IMPROVE my general knowledge and by knowing current issues I can set up many conversations with my friends. I am prefer to read a conventional news form, which is newspaper, but online news is more economy..I don't have to buy and besides it can reduce the usage of paper..though papers are recyclable goods. stop till here cause I need to perform prayer..I'll continue it later on..peace

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

burp... a matter of minutes,this empty tummy turn up to be fulled..thanks to my house-mate who brought me KFC..hehe.. he works in KFC, so almost every week he'll bring some meal for me..credits to him. How do I want to pay it back eh? em.. no idea. The fried chicken is so damn spicy, hate the recent flavour, too much black pepper, it make me sick. I'd prefer the previous spicy than current ones. But my mum says, just be grateful of what you have, think about others who less fortunate, sad..




Welcome to Facebook

Welcome to Facebook

my afro hair

Omg...gene sape you inherit nie..sapaan org kat I..haha..I was like, I don't know, my mum got curly hair, but not so curly, it just wavy curly hair and mine..God..haha.. but i like it actually, it draws uninvited attention,everybody can't believe it, they thought I made a hair done "perm"..what for,?? yeah..I love go to salon, but not this!! I just go for hair treatments. I received critics and compliments, wait..why should you is a God gift, God created me this way, I enjoy it. Somebody call it fungi, maybe something wrong with the eyes, very distinct differentiable feature, still unable to differentiate..poor her?him? em..shockingly my niece also have the same trait as I want to attach some pix on Mothers' Day u mum so much...Muah...100000000000000000000000000000x infinity.

gler lame..

haha..gler lame x post any entry...hari nie mcm bese lps class..mkn tido...that's my routine during usual boring all the time..thanks to social city and my lover SI who not miss and tirelessly helps a lot to reduce my boringness..telling about intersession, it really makes my life at class time..when off, i'm back to my dormant state..where I hibernate myself doing nothing but napping. Should not be a good example.I just received a text message from her telling she had arrived in Melaka safely. But i couldn't reply I'm out of credit, sad isn't it. What worry me is now is regarding our marketing part is completed, only left to compile with others group members's part. creep me the day where tears or laugh are about to determine..tears when you fail the subject..or laugh cause you excel. Oh my God..I really hope it's fine. Exam is nearing me, makes me tremble though no cold, my first test for marketing..I think I did it badly..second test even worse..hate myself. I just cannot control myself, nervous until it block my brain to think properly and arrange-ably, I just scribbles on the test paper, with my bad handwriting, error in language where me myself realize, but i just cannot repair it back back cause afraid I will not have enough time. I lend couple of novels, but none of it completed. Funny, I just cannot be somebody else, culture of reading is just not into me. Especially novel that revolves around cruelty. My graduation day was superb, love it. I'm eagerly wait to have my second graduation for my degree. Although not many friends picture able to captured, but enough with memories and experiences throughout 3 consecutive years. Sure, enough with 3 years numerous experiences I had, bitter sweet memories will always be in my heart. here are some pix on my graduation day...



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