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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1 rice bowl

I am attracted to a commercial advertisement, not meant to plagiarize but want to share with others the uniqueness of Malaysian..

O, rice, tell us your secret; how do you get on so well with everyone?

One moment you're mingling with fiery mutton varuval.The next, you're with slices of succulent Ipoh chicken.

And every morning, you never miss meeting up with ikan bilis, sambal and egg for breakfast.

At our big celebrations, you are always there celebrating right along with us.

For Raya, you join your friends to bring us ketupat and lemang.

Deepavali wouldn't be the same if you didn't put on your brightest colours to make the kolam.

And every Chinese New Year's eve, you help to bring home family from far and wide.

As for Gawai and Kaamatan, you're the reason everyone is celebrating!

Perhaps your secret is that you don't choose
it doesn't matter if we use chopstick, fork, and spoon, or hands. You're just happy to share a meal with us.

Everyday, as we sit down to share a meal with our families, you're always there reminding us about the true secret of our country.
That we all share 1 rice bowl-the one filled,grain by grain, by the sacrifice,hard work and unity of those who come before us.

And we all share 1 responsibility- to continue filling it, together, for those who will come after

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