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Monday, September 28, 2009

3 days on go...

Three days ahead I will finish my practical training for my last semester in microbiology study..I'm thinking of tread into job arena, maybe a part-timer.. I never worked before...Therefore I might find it hard..but not sure...hope I can adapt to the environment and kind of have a chemistry with the future job...My concern is where should I is easier for me to work at KL...because grandpa's house near by One, I thinking of stay there for quite sometime..he always wanted me to stay with him..maybe I will put that into the mean time my mum wants me to work nearby our house..main interest for the issue is do I want to commute from house to work place. I might stray my mum suggestion as I don't have transport..Frankly, I don't like use public transport in Melaka...I never get ride into bus in Melaka..except express friends surely giggle at me because till now I have none of the licenses, neither driving nor sucks...but what to dad disapprobation me from taking any of the license. Reason??? Only he knows..ask him....You all may see picture attachment..she is my best friend in my practical training..she hardly persuaded..I only got a sneak snap while we're having our lunch at Seleria..let me introduce=..her name is Junaida..she prefer to address herself as June..not many people recognized her as Malay people..she has deep accent in english..she only talk well in english though she is Malay..haha..but interesting to know her..she teaches me many things..I can say she is my god-mother, don't understatement us as couple or what so ever..It happens because we are so close until I heard the emergence of annoyed rumour about us..we just close friend..+++ ..the foods at Seleria are simply scrumptious...peace..

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