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Saturday, September 5, 2009

making choices

i am sucks in making choices or to choose somethin that i;m not expert on, except for clothes, shoe and what so ever that related. Things sometimes get complicated when you don't understand the consequences of doing it. I believe that we're made to live for Him and for ourselves to satisfy the needs of world and beyond. Path that has been provided by Him to us to follow. My heart pound heavily each time for me to make an enormous decision, thou requisition has made before decision.But sometimes decision we think its good for us not good at all. It all has been stated and this is the way of life. I don't care anymore what people want to say about me, they only know how to pin point. it pointless to point at people. See yourself in the mirror. like MJ song "Man In the Mirror" blaming people on what they have done. You get angry when the earth right now is hot,while you don't remember what causing it hot so called global warming.This is a reminder for me and for other man who cares about earth and their generations.

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