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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stroll along Melaka river

4th day of raye..supposedly we just stay at home wait for guests..because of I hardly stand still, then i asked my dad to visit my best friend who sustain an injury due to road accident in Ipoh, then we went to Melaka the back of the world heritage preserved buildings there is a river called Melaka river. Melaka river used to be unpleasant before till it has been listed in Malaysia most polluted river. That title absolutely diminished as it has change so much. While we stroll along the Melaka river we saw a drama shooting under Singapore production. We stopped by to see how the actors acting, and how the director directing.Huhu..then we saw a Melaka River Cruise passing by us..I got ride twice into Melaka River Cruise before. An interesting experience got into the cruise..serve with unique scenery, a fusion between modern and traditional atmospheres producing extravagant feels. After we spent sometime at there, then we went to my former baby-sitter's house for raye... peace

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