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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

new year is coming up...

New Year 2010..I'm eagerly await to enter into the new year as well as brings me along with a new new year resolution..em..let me think..haha..maybe I may not mention here because it ashame me..but thing for sure..I'm looking forward to pursue my study in Biomolecular Science..hopefully, I'll be able to excel throughout the programme duration..the duration might be shorter due to credit transfer..Therefore, I'll hold my degree in shorter parent..supported me to do not stop until degree...maybe by then I'll go for master and so forth..hopefully I can fulfil my parent dream..haha..
Talk about new year..i've planned with my cayunk to celebrate New Year together..but.we still blur..where to head..which place is the best spot to enjoy the momentous night..tomorrow is my dad birthday..I haven't prepared any of gift..due to me myself have insufficient money..we might celebrate in more moderate way..less than usual part about my dad..he don't actually bother, celebration..most important thing is remembering..maybe I am inherit his attitude..

Sunday, December 27, 2009


wee...~~i'm so excited..happy, bla2.thanks sangat pada kwn2 yg celebrate my burfday awal pagi tadi..i'm having a great fun..haha..thanks to my u so email and text msgs full with wishes..i'm so appreciate it..thanks for remembering..My God bless you all..a profuse thanks must go to my mum..for delivering me into this you mum so much..and dad..thanks for the wish also..second celebration would be tonight..this time with family..em..happy birthday also to my eldest brother..wish you for longevity and prosperity..huhu..peace

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tick tock

time is ticking..tomorrow is my birthday. My eldest bro and I share the same date except for the year and time we born. I was born at 5 something in evening..a premature baby..and surely I was damn small. My weight was about a kilogram..haha. I hope tomorrow will be my day. which I hope, I will enjoy myself so much. I am now sitting on a couch writing this blog , alone in a friend says..he'll come over to celebrate my birthday tonight. My mum and sis go to attend wedding reception. haha..what's my plan eh for tonight?? em..i'm thinking of watching my favourite film maker last film..Muallaf..I love her films so much..

Eid Adha

Actually,I've run out of ideas to put into my blog..while I'm browsing my pictures folder..I've found a momentous pictures ..for God sake..I never celebrated Raya at Ampang with my grandma before.So I would attach some pictures..showing the joyness celebrating raya with my biological grandma.


trust and sincerity is the crucial part in a relationship, I believe everybody agrees with me. Why M is always question my sincerity, I know my own limits..and M should know M own limits..M frequently struck a wild thinking on my mind..seems to cover something behind me..I hope this relationship will long last..M keep saying , trust me, believe me..but the situation seems not allowing me to accept M words. To many things likely to appear gradually. If M really a trusted person, show me God..and vice versa.Month after we've declared I enjoyed myself so much. Lately, each time I went out with M, my tears seems becoming cheap.Seriously, I hardly cry, but M really made me mad. I love you so much, thank you for what you've done to me..I'm so appreciate it. I only hope you can be the one I can trust the most, and the one I can express my love and care..sorry because I hardly express my love, but I want you to bare in mind..I only love one able to long you treat me same as I treated cheating..please remember NO CHEATING..I hate a liar..If you don't do all the stupid may ignore what I mentioned above..peace



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