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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

3rd Raye at Pantai Puteri

Yesterday my family and i went to Pantai Puteri together with my relatives at dad's side. Dad's Family Foundation had organized an event, a Family Day in intentionally to strengthen the ties amongst members. It is not the first time, it had been quite sometimes, but for sure. I still cannot mingle with them. There are various activities done, from all walks of life..activities for children till to the parents. I spent my day laid back read my newly bought novel entitled Twilight. The novel amazed me as far as I read. Varieties of foods served to fulfil people's multi tastes, alerted numerous tongue buds' sensors, scrumptious and mouth watering. Gifts were pile up to be given to the deserved winners. My second brother won the lucky draw..huhu it kind a weird also because this is the first time our family won the lucky draw..but it doesn't mean our family is not lucky enough.. I'm grateful to have my family...though there are error here and there, I believe it is common...My attire to the beach..I wore short pant, t-shirt, belt, unzipped sweater, cap, brief, bangle, necklace..huhu..peace

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