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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quick snap is the most delightful day ever during my practical training.. I have a chance to have a chit chat with somebody that I really want to have a conversation with, ever since I first started my practical training. My life is becoming better as I got more new friends to chat with, hang out with..I formerly have a devastating life as my life in real world sucks and as well as virtual world. I always dream to have bunch of people around me, so close with me no matter the gender, race, religion..I don't mind all those thing. What I put in priority is I have to have supporters "friends" besides of my lovely family. We only chat for 30 min during break time..30 precious minutes we shared is complete to declare us as friend.HUHU..i'm so excited to have a new friend.Like I don't have it before..After I finished my work today, my dad fetched me up, then my dad dropped by to buy some fruits,I quickly have a quick snap in car, just want to portray how glad am I today..peace

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