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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Materialism...give meaning to the belief that material possessions and physical comfort are more important than spiritual values..please don't use me..i'm on my way to forget you..why do give me a shot again. I sought for advice from my best friend, he agreed that "bla" is a gold digger..I admit I went trough hardest time of my life to try forgetting "bla". I dreamt often about "bla".."bla" will always be "bla". What "bla" knows only money, stuff..i'm not rich...i can't provide what 'bla' extreme desires. Thirst of people money..but i don't know whether i have misunderstood "bla" or what.. in "bla latest text message-maybe it is a joke..but it portrayed "bla" greediness."bla" in the message said "bla" miss my laugh, my voice..bla2 and finally "bla" said what "bla" miss most is duit raye ...i'm a student..i don't have income and financial security..I just ignore "bla". A disappointment behind the ignorance..Hope "bla" will change..peace


  1. org cenggitu kadang2 x paham..
    we got our money from our parents..
    kalu x malu, suro la die minx kat parents kite..
    la la la~

    to make thing worse, die bekerja tapi mao disupport oleh org tidak bekerja ini..
    oleh itu, ignore sahje org sedemikian~

  2. mmg i nak lupe kan org tu..x de gune kan nak fikir psl org tu..




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