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Saturday, September 12, 2009


Right here, right now, I would like to propose my apology to my fellow friends who've been around me ever since I was young. The sweet and sour memories we've been through together would never been forgotten. This apology is an open apology which sincerely comes from the bottom of my heart. At this precious moment I am determine to forgive who ever people who've made mistakes of fault towards me.I can't stop man thinking about me, I can't stop man talking about me..but things for sure I am endeavour to alter what man thinking about me and what man talking about me. I try so hard to perplex what is going wrong with me till I'm now alone. But when I listen to MJ song You Are Not Alone, I feel motivated not to feel that way. Things can happen rapidly as fast as a blink of an eyes. Maybe today I'm at the pinnacle and maybe tomorrow I'm at the basement, No one knows, who knows is only Al-Knowing God .I am nobody right now, but I hope to be somebody later.. thanks for being my friends..peace

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