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Saturday, September 26, 2009


Wake in sudden comforter was laid on the floor as I didn't on my aircond..I felt hot though fan is spinning rapidly..that is one of reason I wake quite early this morning. Loud sound from my radio intruded my ear.I wondering why is my hp doesn't yelp..usually it will yelp like a toddler. Then, I remembered yesterday I turned it off..somebody was interrupting me..I turn my hp on, I received 3 messages from my friend and 1 message from maxis..7 missed call were reported. It is from a stalker..I got to really watch who is calling me because I'm afraid of communicate with people, especially the strangers. I'm sorry if I don't pick up your call before your name appear on my hp screen..right now many people tend to commit cyber crime inclusive via hp. My attire for last night a banana republic tee with grey lining, a grey coloured boxer by calvin klien..peace

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