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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Raye.. hurray!!

Huhu..tonnes my of text messages and emails for raye greetings filling my inbox. The old tradition of sending raye card is fading away...but the main interest is they still remember and sincerely ask for forgiveness from you. I woke up quite early this morning. Then, i went to perform eid fitr solat...there is one MUST thing we don't do yet today is visiting graveyard. Usually, every first of Syawal, my family and i will visit the graveyard in the morning to recite doa and for remembrance that one day you will be at that state also..huhu.creepy and scary when heard of death. I don't calculate the recent amount of money i collected today. What i notice about today's quite gloomy as the weather is showing the same expression...em okay that's all..daa...peace..

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