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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Run out of ideas friend ask me not to jumble up my blog, he only wants me to talk about myself, the problem is what..i hardly express my feels in any kind of form especially in written form. I am a bit secretive which I feel i should not burden my friend with my problem. I don't know how to classify it whether it is a good attitude or not. Some people say what ever feel in your heart let it come out or otherwise the result could be disaster. Maybe at one particular time when the time comes you will burst out like a raging volcanoes.My friends who know me better i'm sure they will say i'm hardly get anger. Yeah..i'm able to control my anger but i'm unable to control my emotion,kind a bit sensitive. Men also have heart, men also have tear gland which producing tears when the time comes,therefore i think women also have to mind about what they're doing. Don't easily put all the blame at one'm not going to tell anybody about it's the end of the story..daa..peace


  1. haa, sme2!
    xsuke meng -express- kan perasaan~

  2. bagi i la..
    ur blog, i rase x kesa la u nak tulis ape :p
    u can do whatever u want with it :p
    maybe ur fwen wants to know more bout u..




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