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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Honouring the Hijab Martyr

Her name's Marwa Ali El-Shebrini, a daughter, a wife, a mother, an Egyptian pharmacist, a Muslim an a hijabi. The hijab has always been controversial in Europe. Let me summarized the story of an innocent mother and a woman. She first moved to German with her husband Elwi Ali Okaz a lecturer at Minufiya University. The feud began in 2008 where a one Alex W harassed her in a neighbourhood playground with verbal abuse, using impolite words, he called her terrorist and slut due to her Islamic appearance. Until the police come, he was charged for defamation and found guilty by the district court of Dresden. Here it come to the climax where an appeal hearing at the regional court in Dresden,she was 3 month pregnant at that time, she was stabbed 18 times by man who called her terrorist and died in German court room in front of her husband , son, juries and many personnels. His husband who came to defend her was shot by the security guard who mistaken him for her attacker.Her husband was also stabbed and is now hospitalized. Question emerging in my mind right now, why is the security guard reaction so slow, and how the knife able to sneak into a courtroom?? does seem that Muslim blood is cheaper than those of other faith..May Allah give her family patience, protect her child and husband and unite them together in Paradise..peace


  1. This is just plain wrong no one deserves to die like this, in this mannor. What i don't understand is how did the court room security let this man stab her up to 18 times. He should have been shot time that he pulled the knife out. The thing that is really strange to me is that thay had to sit there and wacth it because 18 times takes more to do than just 1or 2 minutes. Then to make matters even worse her husband ended up getting shot and stabbed and he was the only one who tried to help her. This is just so sad and terrible. RIP Marwa Ali El-Sherbini

  2. as what i've said earlier, it is irrelevant the response from the security guard is so slow. It seems he deliberately allowing the crime to occur in the place where justice is stand.But my opinion, we should not assume the whole community as deaf. I believe there are some non-muslim people also grieves on what had happened to her.




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