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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

twisted emotion

A mixture of sadness combine with happiness translating uncertain feels. I'm happy to finish my task as a student of microbiology study..I'm sad because have to leave my friends...Thing for sure our relationship will last forever. My close friend June, she gave me ang rm50 with a piece of card wishing me "best of luck"..a simple message..meaningful are some last day in lab..peace

Monday, September 28, 2009


I definitely found the place where should I express what I feel time by's here!!..yeah here..I don't meant to being scorn or cocky or arrogant or show off..It just what I feel and what comes in mind I convey through written might difficult to least I have buffer the the mean time my writing skill will gradually improve.. (maybe yes..or maybe not).. huh..tomorrow I will follow my parents go to my sis-in-law "graduation" in Kajang.. My dad come back this night from JB.. I will bring some coverage about it tomorrow..not so vital..but just want to fill my spare time writing. Guys please pray for my success in MUET..I'm nervous..peace

3 days on go...

Three days ahead I will finish my practical training for my last semester in microbiology study..I'm thinking of tread into job arena, maybe a part-timer.. I never worked before...Therefore I might find it hard..but not sure...hope I can adapt to the environment and kind of have a chemistry with the future job...My concern is where should I is easier for me to work at KL...because grandpa's house near by One, I thinking of stay there for quite sometime..he always wanted me to stay with him..maybe I will put that into the mean time my mum wants me to work nearby our house..main interest for the issue is do I want to commute from house to work place. I might stray my mum suggestion as I don't have transport..Frankly, I don't like use public transport in Melaka...I never get ride into bus in Melaka..except express friends surely giggle at me because till now I have none of the licenses, neither driving nor sucks...but what to dad disapprobation me from taking any of the license. Reason??? Only he knows..ask him....You all may see picture attachment..she is my best friend in my practical training..she hardly persuaded..I only got a sneak snap while we're having our lunch at Seleria..let me introduce=..her name is Junaida..she prefer to address herself as June..not many people recognized her as Malay people..she has deep accent in english..she only talk well in english though she is Malay..haha..but interesting to know her..she teaches me many things..I can say she is my god-mother, don't understatement us as couple or what so ever..It happens because we are so close until I heard the emergence of annoyed rumour about us..we just close friend..+++ ..the foods at Seleria are simply scrumptious...peace..

Sunday, September 27, 2009


worrisome..I'm worry to sit for Malaysian University English Test or in abbreviation MUET. My heart start to pound heavily when it comes to this matter in general, anything to do with examination. It seems I was jab for external adrenaline hormones that boost my anxiety...sigh by sigh I leaves behind..thinking regarding this matter.the venue for MUET at Malacca High School..21st Oct (speaking)..7th Nov (reading,writing & listening) ...peace

Hair done again comes my sis usual...mum+me+sis > salon > sis+hair highlight - 3 hours >= a brand new hair...but she refused to snap a pic..because her sunburned face not fully recover yet..I bought- 1 sculpting lotion_ back home..end..peace


hehe..I'm grin together with the excitement to see my great-grandpa name was appeared to be a road mum said my great-grandpa was kind and generous..he used to be a village headman...everybody around the area knew him..I don't get a chance to meet him...he passed away a year before I was born. My mum always tell me to mind about taking care of our family dignity..She always emphasize the word DIGNITY..mannerism..etiquette...++..peace

pic of the day usual boredom struck me again..

Saturday, September 26, 2009

get RoCk.. about 6 pm... my mom and I went to salon near our home..I only thought to accompany her but things get vary as I also made a hair done. We both colour our hair with 2 different tones of colours.*** Mine was deep mahagony colour while my mum was rich mahagony colour. We finished at 9 cost bla2*** need to tell. We both satisfied with the outcome..tomorrow we'll come again because my little sister wants to highlight her hair...A new hair done makes both of us more confident.. Hope ayah not get angry..sure he not..I'm very persuasive..hehe..peace*~*


BORING..a state I can't escape from..I got nothing else to do besides book...lazy) money) of being plump)..sleep..not yet drowsy)..argh..tension.. peace


Wake in sudden comforter was laid on the floor as I didn't on my aircond..I felt hot though fan is spinning rapidly..that is one of reason I wake quite early this morning. Loud sound from my radio intruded my ear.I wondering why is my hp doesn't yelp..usually it will yelp like a toddler. Then, I remembered yesterday I turned it off..somebody was interrupting me..I turn my hp on, I received 3 messages from my friend and 1 message from maxis..7 missed call were reported. It is from a stalker..I got to really watch who is calling me because I'm afraid of communicate with people, especially the strangers. I'm sorry if I don't pick up your call before your name appear on my hp screen..right now many people tend to commit cyber crime inclusive via hp. My attire for last night a banana republic tee with grey lining, a grey coloured boxer by calvin klien..peace

Friday, September 25, 2009


On my motorola screen shows current time 10.58pm ..mum has not back home yet..she left me at 3.00++pm till now she's missing in action..for sure she with grandma..does she going to grant her promise to buy big apple..em may be not..I lose my mood more appetite currently. I'm messaging with my friend to fade my worrisome. At least I got something to do to make me awake waiting for my mum.She just texted me, she is having her supper at somewhere..I don't want to reply because it only make me agitated. I never left by my parents before..then, i feel quite dejected. ++I almost break my lovely hp..mine is flip one..i let it wide open..then,I just jump onto my bed to read some magazine without realize my hp was beneath the comforter.. huhu thank god it not break apart..peace

leave me behind mum leave me..she goes to her cousin's house for raye with my grandma. My grandma arrived here at 2.00 pm..local time..(standard report). Grandma and my aunt stay at hotel for couple of days...her intention to come to Melaka is for Raye...My mum is so brilliant..she bait me Big Apple doughnuts ..hehe my favourite.. yesterday we also bought a box of big apple consisted 6 pieces of deadly yummy doughnuts...I'm now so boring..that is why i write this post..k la..I want to continue my reading..peace

Master of Disguise

Master of search of the true friend..i've found numerous characters represent individual..some are cool, talkative, bad-tempered and hypocrite..they may look normal at physical appearance, behind the curtain of their mind there is a hidden black secret inside..till now I don't comprehend the exact intention of these people who always want to conceal me, acting seems I'm a complete alien. Whilst they are actually the master of disguise who conceal their identities..talking bad thing about one individual to another...and try to play nothing has occurred. The result of the heinous act by them, I fell and trying to crawl back and gradually trying to stand-..Stand by my own more true friend in my vocabulary at that moment..only the selected persons were listed...others were annoyed. Grateful to God for giving me strength to fight, a will not to give I able to stand steadily without the assist of people called "friend".. huhu..peace

Jalan lagi

Huhu..Again! Yesterday my mum and I went to mall for shopping..we share the same interest..but because of my financial difficulties at the moment, so I just accompanied her shopping...She only wants to shop for her favourite cosmetic product..she has been a loyal customer for Skin Food Cosmetic product..emm...who suggested her?? of course la i..hehe...what makes us stick to this product is chemical free..and their products all scented, even the compact powder got a nice odour, furthermore Skin Food is a Korean Company..I love Korea..I wish to visit there my idol..huhu..RAIN**** friend who wants to come to my house call off her visit due to for a reason. My attire yesterday..a jacket, t-shirt, skinny jeans,boxer, shoe...supplement with a bag as an accessory...peace

Thursday, September 24, 2009


wargh..i feel dad has go back to JB this morning. I'm going to be so bores. Usually if he present, we always go out hitting many places..i have to wait for another 2 weeks ahead for him to get back in Melaka. In obverse, I'm delighted to have a visit from my U friends today..peace

Unveiled on October 12th

This Is It..after wide world mourned for the loss of King of Pop, Sony Corp will release brand new single entitled "This Is It"...the album will be unveiled on October 12th..for MJ the original..MJ..R.I.P..peace

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stroll along Melaka river

4th day of raye..supposedly we just stay at home wait for guests..because of I hardly stand still, then i asked my dad to visit my best friend who sustain an injury due to road accident in Ipoh, then we went to Melaka the back of the world heritage preserved buildings there is a river called Melaka river. Melaka river used to be unpleasant before till it has been listed in Malaysia most polluted river. That title absolutely diminished as it has change so much. While we stroll along the Melaka river we saw a drama shooting under Singapore production. We stopped by to see how the actors acting, and how the director directing.Huhu..then we saw a Melaka River Cruise passing by us..I got ride twice into Melaka River Cruise before. An interesting experience got into the cruise..serve with unique scenery, a fusion between modern and traditional atmospheres producing extravagant feels. After we spent sometime at there, then we went to my former baby-sitter's house for raye... peace


Materialism...give meaning to the belief that material possessions and physical comfort are more important than spiritual values..please don't use me..i'm on my way to forget you..why do give me a shot again. I sought for advice from my best friend, he agreed that "bla" is a gold digger..I admit I went trough hardest time of my life to try forgetting "bla". I dreamt often about "bla".."bla" will always be "bla". What "bla" knows only money, stuff..i'm not rich...i can't provide what 'bla' extreme desires. Thirst of people money..but i don't know whether i have misunderstood "bla" or what.. in "bla latest text message-maybe it is a joke..but it portrayed "bla" greediness."bla" in the message said "bla" miss my laugh, my voice..bla2 and finally "bla" said what "bla" miss most is duit raye ...i'm a student..i don't have income and financial security..I just ignore "bla". A disappointment behind the ignorance..Hope "bla" will change..peace

bad news

I received a text message from my best friend, he said; "Saufi, dis raya i can't come 2 ur house.Becoz got an accdnt.So u've 2 cme my house lah..". Right after I received his message I tried to reach him, finally I did. I asked him what was happening, he said he got into accident, 20 stitches, broken bone and torn ligament at his right foot. To add salt to the wound he will miss several events which need him to attend.Pre-graduate dinner, Course dinner, and Dean Awards, plus his exam is coming up. As a friend i'm really worry about him, because it is hard to find friend like him. I will try to steal my time visit him soon..kay..peace

3rd Raye at Pantai Puteri

Yesterday my family and i went to Pantai Puteri together with my relatives at dad's side. Dad's Family Foundation had organized an event, a Family Day in intentionally to strengthen the ties amongst members. It is not the first time, it had been quite sometimes, but for sure. I still cannot mingle with them. There are various activities done, from all walks of life..activities for children till to the parents. I spent my day laid back read my newly bought novel entitled Twilight. The novel amazed me as far as I read. Varieties of foods served to fulfil people's multi tastes, alerted numerous tongue buds' sensors, scrumptious and mouth watering. Gifts were pile up to be given to the deserved winners. My second brother won the lucky draw..huhu it kind a weird also because this is the first time our family won the lucky draw..but it doesn't mean our family is not lucky enough.. I'm grateful to have my family...though there are error here and there, I believe it is common...My attire to the beach..I wore short pant, t-shirt, belt, unzipped sweater, cap, brief, bangle, necklace..huhu..peace

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Raye.. hurray!!

Huhu..tonnes my of text messages and emails for raye greetings filling my inbox. The old tradition of sending raye card is fading away...but the main interest is they still remember and sincerely ask for forgiveness from you. I woke up quite early this morning. Then, i went to perform eid fitr solat...there is one MUST thing we don't do yet today is visiting graveyard. Usually, every first of Syawal, my family and i will visit the graveyard in the morning to recite doa and for remembrance that one day you will be at that state also..huhu.creepy and scary when heard of death. I don't calculate the recent amount of money i collected today. What i notice about today's quite gloomy as the weather is showing the same expression...em okay that's all..daa...peace..

Friday, September 18, 2009

Super duper excited

A bone of contention I post this entry to tell everybody how excited am I as Eid Fitr is just around the corner..less than 48 hours I may then celebrate the Day of Ultimate Success for all Muslims around the globe..The anxiety of meeting many people is started to fuel as I'm not good at communicate especially when dealing with my relatives at father's side. My expectation for this upcoming raye would be a lot better than before and obversely i predict that i will gain less duit raye..cause i'm getting older..huhu..peace

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1 rice bowl

I am attracted to a commercial advertisement, not meant to plagiarize but want to share with others the uniqueness of Malaysian..

O, rice, tell us your secret; how do you get on so well with everyone?

One moment you're mingling with fiery mutton varuval.The next, you're with slices of succulent Ipoh chicken.

And every morning, you never miss meeting up with ikan bilis, sambal and egg for breakfast.

At our big celebrations, you are always there celebrating right along with us.

For Raya, you join your friends to bring us ketupat and lemang.

Deepavali wouldn't be the same if you didn't put on your brightest colours to make the kolam.

And every Chinese New Year's eve, you help to bring home family from far and wide.

As for Gawai and Kaamatan, you're the reason everyone is celebrating!

Perhaps your secret is that you don't choose
it doesn't matter if we use chopstick, fork, and spoon, or hands. You're just happy to share a meal with us.

Everyday, as we sit down to share a meal with our families, you're always there reminding us about the true secret of our country.
That we all share 1 rice bowl-the one filled,grain by grain, by the sacrifice,hard work and unity of those who come before us.

And we all share 1 responsibility- to continue filling it, together, for those who will come after

Quick snap is the most delightful day ever during my practical training.. I have a chance to have a chit chat with somebody that I really want to have a conversation with, ever since I first started my practical training. My life is becoming better as I got more new friends to chat with, hang out with..I formerly have a devastating life as my life in real world sucks and as well as virtual world. I always dream to have bunch of people around me, so close with me no matter the gender, race, religion..I don't mind all those thing. What I put in priority is I have to have supporters "friends" besides of my lovely family. We only chat for 30 min during break time..30 precious minutes we shared is complete to declare us as friend.HUHU..i'm so excited to have a new friend.Like I don't have it before..After I finished my work today, my dad fetched me up, then my dad dropped by to buy some fruits,I quickly have a quick snap in car, just want to portray how glad am I today..peace

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Honouring the Hijab Martyr

Her name's Marwa Ali El-Shebrini, a daughter, a wife, a mother, an Egyptian pharmacist, a Muslim an a hijabi. The hijab has always been controversial in Europe. Let me summarized the story of an innocent mother and a woman. She first moved to German with her husband Elwi Ali Okaz a lecturer at Minufiya University. The feud began in 2008 where a one Alex W harassed her in a neighbourhood playground with verbal abuse, using impolite words, he called her terrorist and slut due to her Islamic appearance. Until the police come, he was charged for defamation and found guilty by the district court of Dresden. Here it come to the climax where an appeal hearing at the regional court in Dresden,she was 3 month pregnant at that time, she was stabbed 18 times by man who called her terrorist and died in German court room in front of her husband , son, juries and many personnels. His husband who came to defend her was shot by the security guard who mistaken him for her attacker.Her husband was also stabbed and is now hospitalized. Question emerging in my mind right now, why is the security guard reaction so slow, and how the knife able to sneak into a courtroom?? does seem that Muslim blood is cheaper than those of other faith..May Allah give her family patience, protect her child and husband and unite them together in Paradise..peace

Monday, September 14, 2009

Life in Laboratory

Everyone is inter-dependant , we need each other to perform whatever kind of works. In laboratory we diagnose specimen that been sent to us to determine a further treatment necessary for the patients.Let me tell about life in kind of bores sometimes, but most of the times it is adventurous. Why do I say so..we are not allow to do any error. If an error occur , then the treatment follows is a mistake..patient is in a big trouble, we are not exceptional. In my practical centre there are five departments namely SR dept, haematology, biochemistry, histology and blood bank. Here are some pix attachment in my lab. Our head pathologist Datuk Dr. N Arthimulam , as in the pix is performing sectioning of the breast cancer specimen in histology lab, and some pix shows the surrounding environment..peace

Sunday, September 13, 2009

new buddy

Last new friend from States come for attachment together with me at Putra Specialist Hospital. We went to several departments for 7 consecutive days. Begins with imaging and radiology dept and so forth. It such a wonderful experience learn and understand standard operation procedure in such an advanced and well equip departments. She's a daughter of renowned cardiologist in States,her name is Trishala Khendria, she live in Arizona and now still studying in Choate Rosemary Hall, New York. At first we both feel awkward because we don't speak much, then after we gone through some practicals which require us to co-operate then we become closer and she said most of her friends stamp her as talkative and most fashionable person. Yeah I think so..when the first day attachment, she wore skirt, t-shirt with a flip flop. Simple but striking and with a fancy colour..really my own point of view..well, I should stop now, because I need to do something else..daa..peace

Run out of ideas friend ask me not to jumble up my blog, he only wants me to talk about myself, the problem is what..i hardly express my feels in any kind of form especially in written form. I am a bit secretive which I feel i should not burden my friend with my problem. I don't know how to classify it whether it is a good attitude or not. Some people say what ever feel in your heart let it come out or otherwise the result could be disaster. Maybe at one particular time when the time comes you will burst out like a raging volcanoes.My friends who know me better i'm sure they will say i'm hardly get anger. Yeah..i'm able to control my anger but i'm unable to control my emotion,kind a bit sensitive. Men also have heart, men also have tear gland which producing tears when the time comes,therefore i think women also have to mind about what they're doing. Don't easily put all the blame at one'm not going to tell anybody about it's the end of the story..daa..peace

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Right here, right now, I would like to propose my apology to my fellow friends who've been around me ever since I was young. The sweet and sour memories we've been through together would never been forgotten. This apology is an open apology which sincerely comes from the bottom of my heart. At this precious moment I am determine to forgive who ever people who've made mistakes of fault towards me.I can't stop man thinking about me, I can't stop man talking about me..but things for sure I am endeavour to alter what man thinking about me and what man talking about me. I try so hard to perplex what is going wrong with me till I'm now alone. But when I listen to MJ song You Are Not Alone, I feel motivated not to feel that way. Things can happen rapidly as fast as a blink of an eyes. Maybe today I'm at the pinnacle and maybe tomorrow I'm at the basement, No one knows, who knows is only Al-Knowing God .I am nobody right now, but I hope to be somebody later.. thanks for being my friends..peace

Friday, September 11, 2009

Miley Cyrus caught smooch

Miley was spotted kissing Australian actor Liam Hemsworth at the Nashville airport. The teen superstar and her The Last Song co-star were "full on making out",according to Alex Emanuel who was standing few feet away. He says she's as giddy as a school girl. Guess Nick Jonas is out of the picture at least for now. Add Alex "she jumped into his (Liam) arms and threw her arms around his neck and kissed him and leaned back and he was dipping her"..owh that so sweet..peace

Count down to shame

Eid ul-Fitr is coming up, just liltle steps forward towards a celebration for Muslims. At that day, if i didn't able to recover from my acne problem, i'm sure going to be so embarrass. Totally crap, i hate being attack by is my greatest enemy. It would be the beginning of a tale of woe. me..i've been trying so much products.some show bit improvement..but i need something to entirely get rid of this rival. Perhaps, it will recuperate very soon...peace

Ronaldo insures legs

Cristiano Ronaldo legs have been insured by Real Madrid for 90 million pound sterling in which that Spanish club have bought him for a record 80 million pound sterling-want to protect their money if he picks up long term injury. Bosses get nervous after he got knocked his knee recently. Real's doctors have given him all-clear...peace

Siti's New Album

Siti Nurhaliza's latest album entitled Tahajjud Cinta is informed to come out on 9/9/2009 which believe auspicious by some believers which it bring the meaning of everlasting.Don't take it seriously because Siti's new album debut don't have any intention to believe and embraces that particular belief.It just a matter of number..nice looking number..peace

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Raye shopping splurge

Huhu...i just come back from shopping, my dad spend quite big amount just for me..because i'm the only one who don't buy anything yet...its like many choices..several labelled clothes i bought include nike, goggle, rushai, garage graphic etc. Thank god it is not as hectic as Jusco. Recent day i went to jusco.I barely couldn't breath because it was so crowded, it was already like "pasar malam"..peace

stop accusing us..!!

Malaysia-Indonesia ties is at stake, because there is group of people who are irresponsible which implement sense of Anti-Malaysia sentiment. It so irrelevant when you fight because of the culture that we already knew we comes from the same roots. Okay...about pendet dance I don't question about the origin but for the rest of the cultural aspects we are almost the same. Moreover the dance shown in the Discovery Channel not edited by Malaysian producer but by Discovery Channel. Discovery Channel had proposed their apology, so.. what else they want from us?.. I was shocked our nation pride Jalur Gemilang was burnt in Yogjakarta University. Where is their mind? on top of that, Indonesian's hackers attacking hundreds of Malaysian websites and claimed Malaysia as thief..But we Malaysian should not trail the stupidity and enviousness towards us...peace

Strict Islamic Law enforce in Acheh

Indonesia's Acheh province is set to enforce a strict form of Islamic criminal law, including stoning to death married adulterers while unmarried adulterers will be caned 100 times abide the Sharia law..peace

List of My best Pal

kindergarten _+ Mohd Hishammudin

primary school_+ Mohd Hamzah

Secondary school_+ Mohd Zulhilmi+Mohd Syahmi+ Mohd Syukri

University_+ .........nobody but apparently syahril..

List above is referring to my greatest pals ever.. We never fight or even quarrel. The spirit of friendship will last till my last breath..


When talk about pollution first thing that cross our mind i'm sure it regarding air pollution, water, thermal, soil etc.. Without realize we are actually dealing with a real pollution that occurring in ourselves. Do you ever wonder about mind pollution, heart pollution. Those are internal pollution caused by the individual itself. Mind pollution can be caused by using unacceptable form of language, impolite to people, watching or reading unacceptable form of media. While for heart pollution caused by hatred, envious, snobbish attitude empowering ones individual. These bad attitude resulting to disunity and ultimately may cause chaos. So come on everybody we overcome these sort of pollutions, may us be one of the pollution free individual to forge or maintain spirit of unity amongst society...peace

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The word renaissance meaning rebirth in French, i'm keen to be a renaissance man. A brand new me, because till now i don't find any strength in myself. Maybe some people has discover the true of them. But for me it remain uncertain. Fluctuate..sometimes great and vice versa. I have low self esteem , lazy, easily give up and so forth. I will try my best to confront all those so called temptation which always lead me to failure. people keep on quoting failure is the beginning of success. I hope soon or later i will meet once..Insyaallah..peace..


Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though its breaking
When there are clouds in the sky, you'll get by
If you smile through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
Youll see the sun come shining through for you

Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear may be ever so near
Thats the time you must keep on trying
Smile, whats the use of crying?
Youll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile

Sonnet 18 by William Shakespreare

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date:
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimm'd;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance or nature's changing course untrimm'd;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade
Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest;
Nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou growest:
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this and this gives life to thee.



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