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Thursday, September 10, 2009

stop accusing us..!!

Malaysia-Indonesia ties is at stake, because there is group of people who are irresponsible which implement sense of Anti-Malaysia sentiment. It so irrelevant when you fight because of the culture that we already knew we comes from the same roots. Okay...about pendet dance I don't question about the origin but for the rest of the cultural aspects we are almost the same. Moreover the dance shown in the Discovery Channel not edited by Malaysian producer but by Discovery Channel. Discovery Channel had proposed their apology, so.. what else they want from us?.. I was shocked our nation pride Jalur Gemilang was burnt in Yogjakarta University. Where is their mind? on top of that, Indonesian's hackers attacking hundreds of Malaysian websites and claimed Malaysia as thief..But we Malaysian should not trail the stupidity and enviousness towards us...peace

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