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Monday, October 26, 2009


"F” is for Fun…………That friends share when they are together.

“R” is for Reliability….A true friend is someone that you can always
rely on.

“I” is for Interest…….Someone who is genuinely interested in you,
your fears, joys, and life.

“E” is for Energy………They pick you up when you are down, and give
you the energy to go on and believe in yourself.

“N” is for Nothing……..Nothing is ever too much, no matter what time
it is, night or day.

“D” is for Distance…….Although the miles may separate you, a true
friend is never far away.

“S” is for Secrets……..Your feelings and personal/private thoughts
that you can only share with a friend.

“H” is for Happiness……The way I feel when we are together.

“I” is for Inseparable….Through good times and bad, tears and
laughter. A friend will always be there for you.

“P” is for Perfect……..The friendship is to make both perfect..which both compliment each other and accept what it is.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I summon my mood to come back being an active blog writer..not much significant moment to tell within the gaps..the only memorable scene would be when I sat for MUET oral test which due on last Wednesday at Malacca High School. It was totally out of my expectation, I thought it would be few candidates and the candidates would around my age. What shocking me, some of them were eligible to address as uncle or aunt. Generally, I have a great fun meeting new people, polishing my communication skill as well as enhancing my self-esteem. I got another 3 tests on go..reading..writing..and listening..A matter of concern for me is writing..It takes me quite long time I haven't check out for essay book. I almost forgot all the necessary formats to write letters, reports etc.Em okay.....daa..peace

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Here I come

I'm tirelessly preparing myself for the MUET examination which is due tomorrow. I made up my mind, whatever happen I have to go through this, unless I died before the examination begin. Huhuk..hopefully not..sins overweight my deeds..and for sure I'm not ready to meet the Divine God..I need His bless...for me to confront all these things..I have made a full rehearsal in my room in front of the magic mirror..Tomorrow attire would be:... a blue stripes long sleeve clothes by padini authentic , skinny jeans by A X.. tie by People, shoe by Nike..and bag by rushai leather...thanks for the sponsors lah..thanks to my beloved ayah.Unfortunately, i'm not able to upload my pic..because of this crap connection...peace

Monday, October 19, 2009

Malaysia Day

I watch Buletin Utama just now, and what catch my attention is the declaration of 16Th September as a public holiday. It is a great approach made by the government under the administration of a brilliant Prime Minister..After this, people priority to youngsters will know what had happen on 16Th of September 1963, where peninsula Malaysia combined with Sabah and Sarawak made up a Malaysian federation. A momentous date that should be always in Malaysians' mind. I love Malaysia, I love my country..Peace


boring nyer..why boredom always haunting me...last night activity was read old magazines..flipping thru page by page of old magazines was kind of interesting. Check out for the trends, style.. because the trend and style is cycling..old trend comes back and new trend fades away..I am a full timer critic for my family, especially on my mum appearance..she always seeks for my advice in apparel choosing, cosmetics products,bags,stilleto,shoes and whatsoever...huhu..peace

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I would like to quote a phrase from famous writer , Evelyn Beatrice her famous quotation she said "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it".Referring to the quotation I would like to make a deduction in which everybody has their opinions, thoughts as well as their undeniable rights. In no matter form of thought either condemnation , constructive criticism, direct criticism and so, I want to propose my criticism on today's Internet connection. So slow maaa...I'm sick of it....Y! messenger..why it doesn't perform pic does not appear though I try so many times..tension maa...I totally blank..don't know what to do besides of blogging. This is the only favourite site that I can access today..and I even don't able to access me..maxis broadband sux..don't call it broadband if the outcome is like this..maybe it has to change its name to maxis narrowband..that would be appropriate..ooppss..sorry..daa..peace

Saturday, October 17, 2009


In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful.All Praise is due to Allah The Exalted, and May Allah raise the rank of our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him,his kind relatives and companions, and protect his nation from that which he feared for them thereafter. This is not a religion sermon..A bone of contention I write this entry is..I need His guidance in which path I should choose..I am now having problem in deciding which course I should pursue on..I am completely have no dad said I should go for homeopathic medical sciences in CUCMS..but i rather choose biomolecule sciences in UiTM....I believe his choice always be best for me..He always assist me in any kind of matter..especially in study. The main interest is now, I don't like to deal with people in my future career..that is my weakness..which I hardly cope..Can I change that mind set...I afraid of dealing with many people which I also had a pessimistic minded. The previous experiences taught me..In a monologue mode..I ask I able to change this nearly fix minded...?? ermmmm...maybe yes...take your time..Argh..till when...till you completely confident. Okay..I will put my father's suggestion into consideration..peace

A brand new bicycle was funny..exciting..hilarious and many more emotions mixed up. Because I got a brand new bicycle..which it not an ordinary bicycle owned by most of the cycle rs in Malaysia. Mine was a Japan made bicycle, imported ones with a striking orange in colour with a pure leather seat, add with a speed gear application,a disk type brake and most amazing criteria would be it is a fold able bicycle, so no need to worry where to put the bicycle next. Actually, it take me quite long time I've never ride a bicycle before. What makes me interested is my mom also got one, so we think of rather than go for jogging we may now cycling..a brand new activity during our spare time.We surely looks like Japanese or Korean up next... huhu..peace

Friday, October 16, 2009

come on lah...

Omg..they make this again..again and again..I'm getting sick of this. Please give me way out of this complicated circumstances. I have to tell this despite the pain I got, each time they quarrel. Because I couldn't resist the tense given to me as it become tenser and tenser..ayah- mak please stop this..i feel really down and sad..till I write this post with my shivering fingers pressing the pad slowly and my tears drop down on the pad..this is not the cool thing.I'm a son, i want to be responsible for both of them, think about your children. Come on...!!..forget about those stupid things. I'm in the middle of the dilemma, where I should go i should lead my own way..I don't want to be a scrap for the family, race, country..Oh my goodness..things that I keep for all this while is now unveiled. Guys..pray for my family happiness. I really want a great family..peace

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Jogging-a routine activity if I got spare time usually in the morning. Last day,8Th October 2009.. I have to change my jog route as the path that I'm usually pass was block by a gang of dogs, scrappy dogs which one of the scariest animal ever..what sparks in my mind at that time was if they caught me, I'm surely dead, sempat lagi I ngat kat Dr Hana..about rabies virus which transmitted to human by animal particularly dog. Then, I decided to change my route to a place near the estuary, the place was simply amazing.On my right hand side was a jetty..whilst on my left hand side area was full with construction sites..I saw many Indonesian workers pushing their strength to the limits, yeah it was a gruelling work. Indonesia?? Suddenly something struck my mind..a "Bendera" organization..which planned to attack Malaysia on 8Th of October was quite frigthen regarding the issue. Then what else, I quickly walked away from the area, which I afraid of being assault by the Indonesians. Thank god nothing is happening.. I know Indonesian is not that bad. Maybe, their emotionality overcome the let us tighten the ties..not to break the ties..peace


I was so regret and ashamed of making an open confession in the latest meeting. A group debate regarding an issue, which it touches my sensitivity because I feel the hard hit as well as I feel like my heart was stomped until it crushes into pieces. I hope this thing would not happening to anybody else, because it was so hard to swallow the pain.Suddenly, moisture from my eyes brimmed over dropping my precious tears..Let me myself and my family go through this..guys pray for my blissfulness..Insya-Allah..peace

Simpler template

I chose a simpler template in line with my simple life I'm leading now.. green colour which bring a serenity and tranquility senses, enhancing as well as relaxing mind..if you don't like with the latest template, give me a comment..i will ignore it...hahax nope..i'll put into consideration..daa..peace

Adrenaline rush

I feel the adrenaline is rushing in my blood veins currently each time I think of my upcoming MUET test. It pretty much makes me fizzy and dizzy..yeah..i don't know which and how to do the preparation for the upcoming test..I really don't have any idea/..hello everybody!! somebody help me!! em...maybe nobody will give their hand..I just have to practice myself speaking infront of the mirror confidently, elegantly, the last word should be avoided.. yeah..okay that's all..peace


Yesterday my friend and I went for outing..we went out at about 7.oopm. As we arrived in Melaka Mall we straight away bought 2 tickets for a movie called Papadom. It such a wonderful film, no wonder if the film got many awards. The story revolved around a father who really care of his daughter which incidentally brings trouble. An over protective father who only have a daughter and nobody else in his life. This story ended up with a great ending..a happy ending cool..guys!! you got to try watch some..WE watch it at MBO Melaka Mall, usually in Melaka I always go to GSC 3M..this was the first time I went to MBO Melaka. The place was really cool also, nice decoration, arrangement, lights...Then, after we finished watch the movie we went to klebang, bay area where many people hang out there, we don't like loafing we jsut want to breathe a breeze air from the sea. Suddenly my tummy groaned indicated an emptiness..hehe..then we went to nearest restaurant to feed my tummy. After a while, we decided to go to Jonker walk , which located in the heart of the town.After I finished my meal we went to Jonker Walk..we thought there is a "pasar malam" there.. But yesterday they don't have. So, he straight away sent me back home safely..peace

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to my newly met friend, I know your birthday is tomorrow 14th October, and wanted to be the first person who wish you,wish you for longevity and prosperity..May Allah bless you always...peace


I just arrived from S.Alam yesterday at 7.34pm , my thanks should go to my friends who help me a lot..during my visit to S.Alam, saya rasa sangat bertuah kerana mempunyai rakan yang concern about me..hari ni saye akan bercakap dalam bahase rojak..huhu..suka suki sajer.. special thanks should be given to Shah, Syahril, Hafiez and byk lg kerana menolong saye..sorry sgt2 krn Shah..stew yang u buat to sedap cume I x suke mkn daging so I x habiskan. To syahril, sorry cuz ganggu waktu bljr u, to hafiez sorry cuz ganggu waktu kerje u.. syg bngt kat kwn2 sume.. gambr i mase kat umah sewa dorang kat klang..peace

Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm here back in shah alam

hahax..right now I'm sitting on the cosy seat in one of the cc in Shah Alam. I just arrived here very recent. I departed at 8.30am this morning, "thing" that commuted me here of course la other transport any cheaper than I prefer to sit in bus. I arrived here at exact 10.30am. I took my nap while on-the-way here, because quite tired an of course because of boredom that always haunting me. Yesterday, my friend came to my house, we have a great conversation..not much thing spoke by him, I was the one who talk more. I was pretty shocked because in sudden he told me he wants to come to my house. While I'm busy packing for my stuff in my luggage, I stopped , tidy up my room and lil bit more at the hall, to give him pretty much nice impression. After we got long chit chat then he went back home. So, I continued packing my stuff, I hope nothing necessary left back. After the talk tomorrow I will follow my aunt back to TTDI. Maybe on next Monday I'll back to Malacca...peace

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bad Day

my pics folder was lost + scolded by my dad + my lovely pen was lost + my bro was fined + my pimple inflamed + parent quarrelled + argh..I hate it so much


What...I lost the whole pictures folder....the folder consists of all the pictures old and the most recent which captured my memories in it. Argh...I don't remember where I put the folders, I tried to check up at the recycle bin, it was not there...I searched at every single folder and it was not there also..I'm clueless right now..where should I find program in window also couldn't find..okay..I need to continue seeking for the pictures..peace

Monday, October 5, 2009


Dear friends,
I could not follow you guys go to Genting..I'm actually really want to go there spending quality time with you guys.. but what to do..I have financial difficulties currently. My parent don't want to support my expenses at the moment due to we got spending limitation. I mean, I am ruling to abide the rule as I have channel my spending into somewhere else.This is the consequences of spending money without think wisely. Yeah..I admit I can't resist the temptation to go for shopping. Hope you guys will have a great time at the City of Entertainment..peace


As soon as I arrived from JB, I took my bath and bla2.. then, like my regular basis I put on astringent of my face follow by concentrated serum..then, when the time comes for anti-blemish oil,tea tree oil was dripped into my eyes..I immediately ran to the toilet and washed with flowing water. eyes were reddened and so irritated,I let it open in a flowing water, I scream out loud call for my parent..they were so shocked and asked me what was happening.My mum as usual nagging about my clumsiness, hahax. Actually I want to drip it precisely at my pimples which around my forehead region, without realized it dripped so fast into my eyes. Stupid oil..emm...stupid me also... thank god, nothing bad happen..thanks to my prompt my brain, my nerve and bla2...Now it back to its duty, work to give me sights. peace


It took me for ages for me to go back to my born place, in exact about 14 years. I'm grown up, so did JB. It has change quite a lot, it doesn't actually shocking me, because I've expected it to be. We went to numerous places I've used to go in my childhood time including places that I keep on hearing about, like Danga Bay, Iskandar Development Territory and so forth. What fascinate me is the modernized development occurring in Johore. 3-day 2-night not enough to explore the whole city. For 2 consecutive nights we went back to our rest house at late night. We explored the city treasures started from the early morning. We went to many recommended places just want to satisfy our desires. At night, the city is so lively, i've informed by my dad some of the shops are 24/7 open, that's great..In City Plaza, we watched a movie entitled Tsunami at Haeundae. At the very beginning of the story, I kind of funny intercepted with serious scene which showing the real life of what has happening around the area.It reminded my my beloved film-maker Yasmin Ahmad. The story end up with heart-wrenching ending, I was not exceptionalized to drop my precious fluid drip from my eyes called tears. Not to be forgotten I visited my former primary school, my former house, where my dad has sold it to a chinese man. My parent took this opportunity to visit their close friends who live around. too many things I'm not mention in this post, I think this is enough to show how delighted am I right now..peace

Friday, October 2, 2009

back to JB

Tomorrow, mum+sis+me...> JB....attend>>.dinner,,RAYE DiNNeR..hahax.For ages I don't go back to my born place..I was born in Hospital Sultanah Aminah, in an elevator..hahax..joking. I was a premature baby, I was retained in hospital for month till fully developed in the incubator. I mean, normal enough as compare to other normal baby born. My weight was only 1 kilogram, and my parent said I was so small. They put me a "zorro mask" to block ray from incubator from distracting me. I was raised there till I reached standard one, after that never come back. And tomorrow for the very first time after I moved, I will thread back to my "land". The excitement is start to boost, though my mum says there is nothing in JB, it just a city, not more than that.But for me it is something, to look back what you have left for so long,changes of atmosphere and bla2..peace


I just came back from jogging with my mum, we always jog when time allowing us to do so. Usually we jog near our house at the coastline backgrounded by straits of malacca..Today's quite windy and the whistling sound made us addition with recent report Tsunami occurred in some parts of Padang, Samoa Island..bla2.hope..It doesn't come to attack Malaysia..peace

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hectic Day

haha...since morning till now I'm quite busy with my finishing my lab report, reading novel, watch movie, shopping, and most recent put in stamp into stamp album. Mum and I went to Mall to buy our stuff..well we hardly find anything enough..always wanted more..just want to make earlier shopping I spent about ....... ringgit to buy something stupid..haha..some people find it stupid but for me it is kind of investment. Here is a pic showing bulk of stamps from all over countries especially around archipelago such as Indonesia, Thailand...and some of it from Australia, and India. Actually I newly involved into this hobby, I catch it interesting. I received a message from Yana saying we got to attend an event which held in UiTM Shah Alam on 10 October..It kind of burden me, the event start at 8, just imagine how do I want to reach there by 8, so I presumed I need to stay one day somewhere near there. Nearest location is my grandpa's house which at TTDI. It takes about 1 and half hours journey, it would be longer if congestion occur. I thought of staying at my friend hostel, he gave me green light already. Only a matter of making him uncomfortable with my presence. High possibility I will stay at my friend place a day earlier..I mean maybe I will come on Friday..peace



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