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Friday, September 25, 2009

Jalan lagi

Huhu..Again! Yesterday my mum and I went to mall for shopping..we share the same interest..but because of my financial difficulties at the moment, so I just accompanied her shopping...She only wants to shop for her favourite cosmetic product..she has been a loyal customer for Skin Food Cosmetic product..emm...who suggested her?? of course la i..hehe...what makes us stick to this product is chemical free..and their products all scented, even the compact powder got a nice odour, furthermore Skin Food is a Korean Company..I love Korea..I wish to visit there my idol..huhu..RAIN**** friend who wants to come to my house call off her visit due to for a reason. My attire yesterday..a jacket, t-shirt, skinny jeans,boxer, shoe...supplement with a bag as an accessory...peace


  1. hehe~
    baru teringat, u minat rain.. :p
    layan da rainism?
    vids die sangat besh.. :p

  2. huhu..i know vid rainism damn great..




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