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Sunday, September 13, 2009

new buddy

Last new friend from States come for attachment together with me at Putra Specialist Hospital. We went to several departments for 7 consecutive days. Begins with imaging and radiology dept and so forth. It such a wonderful experience learn and understand standard operation procedure in such an advanced and well equip departments. She's a daughter of renowned cardiologist in States,her name is Trishala Khendria, she live in Arizona and now still studying in Choate Rosemary Hall, New York. At first we both feel awkward because we don't speak much, then after we gone through some practicals which require us to co-operate then we become closer and she said most of her friends stamp her as talkative and most fashionable person. Yeah I think so..when the first day attachment, she wore skirt, t-shirt with a flip flop. Simple but striking and with a fancy colour..really my own point of view..well, I should stop now, because I need to do something else..daa..peace

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