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Friday, September 25, 2009

Master of Disguise

Master of search of the true friend..i've found numerous characters represent individual..some are cool, talkative, bad-tempered and hypocrite..they may look normal at physical appearance, behind the curtain of their mind there is a hidden black secret inside..till now I don't comprehend the exact intention of these people who always want to conceal me, acting seems I'm a complete alien. Whilst they are actually the master of disguise who conceal their identities..talking bad thing about one individual to another...and try to play nothing has occurred. The result of the heinous act by them, I fell and trying to crawl back and gradually trying to stand-..Stand by my own more true friend in my vocabulary at that moment..only the selected persons were listed...others were annoyed. Grateful to God for giving me strength to fight, a will not to give I able to stand steadily without the assist of people called "friend".. huhu..peace

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