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Sunday, January 31, 2010

no mood mood to study at moment..hate it..


twisted thinking..


remember the responsibility..get up..back on track..

k..daa..want to continue studying although at saturated state,..wee..


cold weather, rainy..absolute conducive to rest and relax ..I wish I can enjoy my weekends better than this...this is referring to my condition which tomorrow is going to be the first test in my Deg. in Biomol..test on gene expression..said to be killer subject for this semester..teaches by superb lecturer..haha..he is going to be placed on my favourite lecturer list next to Dr. this case Dr. Saifulaman..proud to be his student...I've been informed that he is an Oxford alumni..wah..not easy to get through into that prestigious and prominent university on earth..and it said to be first malay man who graduated from that University..I googled up his details..come out with numerous searches..he also a head for the biotechnology department uitm Malaysia..and his research on bone cells have been brought to further research by our national cosmonaut to the outer space ..bla3..back to the prime reason I write this blog because..the tense I'm feeling now, I can't give my full concentration towards my study..I review and revise quite number of times..still cannot understand the notes trying to relief my tense..that is why I'm now writing this blog..k r..need to go for prayer...chaiyok2..bless be with me..InsyaAllah..peace.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


after a period of silencing myself not to write and even seldom updating my status in facebook. I'm now writing this post..just want to attempt reactivating my mood in writing. I am so fail in writing..I forgot many of basic formats, committed numbers of grammatical errors..I'm sorry for that..but this is just a blog..not a formal place..where every single alphabet is taking for spelling such thing in blog.. I can write in many ways as I long as I feel, I believe not many people will pay their visit to my blog..haha.
New Year friends and I have a splendid moment...I was seemed to be exorcised by NEW YEAR like hell..nah..joking..I followed the beats and the crowd was damn cool..previous year I celebrated it at The Curve..then this year I made a slight change on the venue..haha..Pavilion..the Glamorous place in KL..located nearby StarHill Gallery...a Mecca for tycoons and fashionistas..



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