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Saturday, April 14, 2012


fuh!!..frankly speaking..those kind of information were easily digested, the problem raised when too much thing which need to be inter-linked. The way to convey in convincing mode is a real challenge even though you do not have suffice knowledge about it. Entertaining customer never be an easy job, each individual has own character, we have to prepare to bear whatever it is. It has been around 2 weeks time training session, I feel quite nervous, worry, confident so much thing twisting and mixing. I hardly describe it by word. Hopefully, I can go through with ease, obtaining experience and so forth. *peace*

work attire

Giggle..Fashion and me, are really meant together like bread and butter. what i hate is to wear formal clothes and be neat. (geeky neat). NO WAY. I like geeky style, but not too formal..when HR representative said we only need to wear formal clothes on Monday, I was so excited. Very seldom to find a workplace where do not require their employees to wear formal and keep long hair.. My hair is a crown for me. Really love it, i received compliments as well as complaints about it, but the compliments overweight the complaints. *peace*

F.R.I.E.N.D I stepped into the company, I thought, I would be the only man who was offered the job, but i was wrong, n that really relieving. Yeah, I got new friends..first person who notify me was a guy sitting next to me. We had great chat and my friend networking is expanding over time. I get to know many other friends, they are cool too. First week of training, the ties between us  was as strong as UHU glue..hoho..and what disappoint me was our ties is seems to loose the adhesive property. We broke into groups, so sad. By now, the true colours are unveiled. I still cool with all, I let them to judge me, I don't want to interfere with people's personal matter.

Stepping into job world

i guess each child has their own dream, ambition, one day what they'll become. I have long list of ambitions what i wanted be, other great positioned job. Never crossed my mind I would end up to work as what I'm working now. Whatever it is, I am grateful in which I fulfill my spare time to work rather than sit on couch, watching TV, eat, and sleep. Seems heaven, isn't it?. It kind of heaven for few days time, when it exceeded, the boredom level is so alarming. Before I accept the job offer, I sought advice from my lover, she is so supportive at any possible time, tirelessly feed me with beautiful advice, my close friends..some gave positive feedback and some gave a contradict version. Now it is time for me to make up my mind, what pops out in my mind was , I need to say YES..cuz dats really a powerful word. Believe me. After sufficient consideration, I made up my mind to accept the offer. Yuhoo..finally..after 5 years of studying in University, I'm stepping into a new world called job world. A world that peculiar to me, in a sense of the environment, internal and external, stress level and so much more. I never worked before, add up spice of nervousness what work would be, would it be a heaven...or a damn hell??.. MMmm..*peace*

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Terima Kasih..

Berterimakasihlah pada orang yang telah melukai hatimu, karena dia telah membuatmu kuat

Berterimakasihlah pada orang yang telah membohongimu, karena dia telah membuatmu lebih bijaksana

Berterimakasihlah pada orang yang telah membencimu, karena dia telah mengasah ketegaranmu

Berterimakasihlah pada orang yang telah mengkhianatimu, karena dia telah melatih kesabaran dan menguji kesetiaanmu

Berterimakasihlah pada orang yang mengecewakanmu, karena dia telah melatihmu untuk lebih ikhlas

Berterimakasihlah pada orang yang menjaga dan mengerti semua keadaanmu, karena disitulah Rahman Allah ada bersamamu

Friday, April 22, 2011

Final is nearing

oh gosh..what to a blink of an eye it just few weeks ahead. and I still here. not doing anything..why am i so lazy to study?? why is my brain keep on protesting, why is my body keep on repelling from study desk, why is my eye shuts early, where is my mind goes, my heart..these are questions and the symtopms called syndrome of LAZINESS..Tolong la..wake up..nk dekat dh exam nie..concentrate skit..think about ur parents, think about ur future..just few more steps on go.GO!!Go!! saufie..u can do it..!!!


These days, i feel really bad..really2 come out of sudden..sad in a middle of laughter, yeah..peeps might say i'm mad or whatsoever, but do i care what u say peeps. No body care about how i feel, how much the pain i hold. What they see only Saufie who always act normal. They do not know,then.. do not ever ever judge people. Yeah, i did sometimes judge people, but they are people that i don't really know and it just for the sake of kidding. Not to mention internal conflicts within my family, myself, me and friends..just add more salt on the wound..till now, i hardly describe what i really feel. is nearing, and i have no mood to study. It affects me so much, and i realized my academic performance was relatively bad.. again bad word comes. I need friends, at most cases, i failed to choose a right friend. I'm so wanna leave Malaysia very soon if a got a chance..

Friday, February 25, 2011

near dawn

it almost near dawn, I just woke up from sleep intended to look up for some informations about my project. The project that make me sick, do not understand the supervisor's requirement and expectation cuz he is just brilliant. How can you expecting high from a degree student, who are not into that field and may not included in syllabus studies. Things that, my friend and I just knew, still unclear. Yes, I do admit that I'm lazy and ignorance in some way, but really not brainless. He might have a great brain, but will he have a well coordinated body like me, used to be a dancer and a violinist,,haha..(; . Today, I'm going to meet one of my favourite lecturer, hopefully she can lend her hands, some motivations to boost us up...peace.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shooting friends and I just finished shooting for a very short song clip, which require each one of us to lip-singing..huhu. It kind of funny, cuz we are quite bash especially when encounter with camera, do some acts in front of camera is really not our specialty. But, some did it very well..others are just nice..haha. Me..em..just nice maybe, cuz I think , I'm not being me for that particular act, awkward in another word to describe it. Everything went smoothly, thanks for the splendid idea sparked by young creative man. He is just awesome!!!...ceh..okies..need to go..pile of works await me..daa..peace


Knp ek..die suke nak marah2..?? dh x de keje len ke..klu betuL powN sakit. x leY cKp elok2 ke...
siape u Senang2 nk ckp Orng len brainless..Dh lame ke gune brain tue..ckp Tu biar r bek2 skiT..mane nk eLok sakit tu klu ari2 buat Dosa..orng doa buruk2..tau la ngat dr mane dtgnyer Ilmu tue..klu Dia nk amik..senang2 syialll jer, betul2 wat ak down..orng yg pernh ak admire dlU dh jd orng Yg ak ........ skrG.. klo ko bgs sgt G r kuar dr sini..x sesaui la ddk ank bangsa klu asyik nk mrh2..jatuhkn org mlayu sendri..
k r..ak ni pown buat Dosa ckP burok psl orng..dah2..cukup r tu..mesti ad hikmahnyer..

Saturday, November 27, 2010


mm..thinking the fresh idea to write about.owh yeah, I got something to share, it is about me and my own dumminess. haha..weird isn't it. I am so boring right now due to my stupid action, not really stupid cause if I know the consequences, I would not let it happen. actually, i've been missing facebook,twitter bla2 so much..and I get so excited when I get home, I tried to connect, unfortunately, my broadband was barred.No other reason than not paying the bill, kay..I put that case aside, then I come with a wise idea, tried to connect to my cousin line, wimax...em using my lappy wireless app. It has been so long I haven't online using wifi, so I merely forgot how to get connected. I thought it must have problem with the software, therefore I uninstall it so I can use the other existing app in my lappy. I don't know that they both are, once I uninstall the pro intel wifi software it also distrupt the whole wireless' function..n now i'm blogging with my mobile. thank god. I can still get connected with my mobile.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


KL central always be the witness of our relationship,
KLCC represent our relation, where it has to bound together forming a beautiful masterpiece.
Times Square and MidVAlley are the hubs for us To satisfy our crazy Fashion desires,
RapidKL -commute us most of the time
UiTM's library..haha, most chosen dating spot-study gak la..
PKNS and SACC mall places we hits when bores,
McDonald..haha..not to mention..a place for us to stay up..studying like hell..
Law Fac, AS Fac..haha..especially next to viro lab..favourite place reminiscing the memory of my Fav lecturer Dr Hana..
etc.. a must place to fav personal store..MPH..haha..her world..
me either..but just browse fashion magazines and stuff.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Welcome back

So long..x tulis Blog nie..numerous reasons..
antaranyer Malas, x tau Nak tulis ape, x de mase, x de mood, N byk lg...
X de ape nk tulis sj nk la die hasilnyer..

Monday, August 16, 2010

kemalasan melampau

kemalasan yG sering melanda diri Ini sdh MenJadi Jadi..byk Mase yg skit poWn x Dipenuhi dgN baiK..mmG sedey x Tau NaK wT cmNe..Ari nie 1 class je ade another 2 were cancelled..tomorrow Lab CanNot be proceeded due to cell culture x siap another penantian.but laB akn digantikn ngan Class Lecture..sedey nyEr tgk paPer test td ..mcM teRuk sajer...soB2..em wht to do..
hopefully Ok la,.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

entah la

ape lagi yang saya nak merepek nie..ape pown mmg rindu sgt kat blog nie..sorry my dear blog for not posting any post for long time. haha..semester baru dh bermula..byk gak la bende2 besh and x besh berlaku...yang besh mase early week x byk class so pegi merayau around KL tgk movie sume...mmg syok abis r.. skrng dh mule bz.. dgn lab report nyer, assignment, test, quiz...argh...I'm started to feel d tense..rase mcm nak lari dr U..tambahan ngan mcm2 mslh lain yg timbul...mmg memberi lebih impak pada emosi and sume r...membuatkan saya bertambh mls dan mls...thanks to ayah kerana menjadi penyumbang besar kemalasan nie..

Thursday, June 17, 2010


nape la arini malas sangat rasenyer,
I feel really down, no mood to study at all..
lagi nak dekat exam, lagi + malas
what am I suppose to do?? any Ideas??? brilliant without tension
td pown dtg library stay kejap ke, x sampai berapa jam..then chow..
I hope tonight I own my mood again.."study mood"

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

hambaNya yang sering melakukan DOSA,mengharap keAMPUNANNYA,sesungguhnya diri ini insan yang HINA..

Jika kau merasa lelah dan tak berdaya dari usaha yang sepertinya sia-sia....
Allah SWT tahu betapa keras engkau sudah berusaha.

Ketika kau sudah menangis sekian lama dan hatimu masih terasa pedih....
Allah SWT sudah menghitung air matamu.

Ketika kau fikir bahwa hidupmu sedang menunggu sesuatu dan waktu serasa
berjalan begitu saja...
Allah SWT sedang menunggu bersamamu.

Ketika kau berfikir bahwa kau sudah mencuba segalanya dan tidak tahu hendak
berbuat apa lagi...
Allah SWT sudah punya jawabannya.

Ketika segala sesuatu menjadi tidak masuk akal dan kau merasa tertekan...
Allah SWT dapat menenangkanmu.

Ketika kau merasa sendirian dan teman-temanmu terlalu sibuk untuk
Allah SWT selalu berada disampingmu

Ketika kau mendambakan sebuah cinta sejati yang tak kunjung datang...
Allah SWT mempunyai Cinta dan Kasih yang lebih besar dari segalanya
dan Dia telah menciptakan seseorang yang akan menjadi pasangan hidupmu

Ketika kau merasa bahwa kau mencintai seseorang, namun kau tahu cintamu tak
Allah SWT tahu apa yang ada di depanmu dan Dia sedang mempersiapkan segala
yang terbaik untukmu.

Ketika kau merasa telah dikhianati dan dikecewakan. ....
Allah SWT dapat menyembuhkan lukamu dan membuatmu tersenyum

Jika tiba-tiba kau dapat melihat jejak-jejak harapan
Allah SWT sedang berbisik kepadamu

Ketika segala sesuatu berjalan lancar dan kau merasa ingin mengucap
Allah SWT telah memberkatimu

Ketika sesuatu yang indah terjadi dan kau dipenuhi ketakjuban.. ..
Allah SWT telah tersenyum padamu.

Ketika kau memiliki tujuan untuk dipenuhi dan mimpi untuk digenapi....
Allah SWT sudah membuka matamu dan memanggilmu dengan namamu

Ingat dimanapun kau atau kemanapun kau menghadap... .
Allah SWT Maha Mengetahui.Allah SWT Maha Penyayang..


huhu..mulai hari nie saya akan lepaks di library dari 8.30pg hingga kul 4.30ptg, sbb library tutup awal mase intersessi nie. Keadaan ini akan berlarutan hingga ke hari exam..omg next week..maybe on Wednesday. Gile takut. Tadi pown baca buku x masuk2 dlm kepala nie..argh..tension nyer..knp susah sgt nak stdy nie..KLu ddk sorang lagi sakit, dtg la mcm2 dugaan like SLEEPY la SURFING la..mcm2 lagi. Tapi thank God la pagi tue, sorang kwn nie sudi teman. Klu x BORing Gak la.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Haha..tadi my dad terpaksa pecahkan door knob cause pintu terkunci tanpa dikunci. Lawak la, pintu tue memang dh giler kowt, so skrg cume ade pintu without door knob. Lame gak la nak buka pintu nie, me and my sis relax jer, ayah yang susaah payah bukakan..So, thanks to him..Tp pintu nie mmg nak diganti dah kowt, nak wat pintu kaca plak kowt..huhu.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thank God

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful.All Praise is due to Allah The Exalted, and May Allah raise the rank of our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him,his kind relatives and companions, and protect his nation from that which he feared for them thereafter. I'm so grateful because I don't get fail for the one of the most killer subject in our course GENE EXPRESSION..haha..Though my result is just fine, in a moderate level but I think it indicate a good start, I really hope I can do better and better for the next semesters. Thanks DEAR.. cause always besides me, supporting me, pushing me..haha..LOVE u So MucH...



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