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Friday, April 22, 2011

Final is nearing

oh gosh..what to a blink of an eye it just few weeks ahead. and I still here. not doing anything..why am i so lazy to study?? why is my brain keep on protesting, why is my body keep on repelling from study desk, why is my eye shuts early, where is my mind goes, my heart..these are questions and the symtopms called syndrome of LAZINESS..Tolong la..wake up..nk dekat dh exam nie..concentrate skit..think about ur parents, think about ur future..just few more steps on go.GO!!Go!! saufie..u can do it..!!!


These days, i feel really bad..really2 come out of sudden..sad in a middle of laughter, yeah..peeps might say i'm mad or whatsoever, but do i care what u say peeps. No body care about how i feel, how much the pain i hold. What they see only Saufie who always act normal. They do not know,then.. do not ever ever judge people. Yeah, i did sometimes judge people, but they are people that i don't really know and it just for the sake of kidding. Not to mention internal conflicts within my family, myself, me and friends..just add more salt on the wound..till now, i hardly describe what i really feel. is nearing, and i have no mood to study. It affects me so much, and i realized my academic performance was relatively bad.. again bad word comes. I need friends, at most cases, i failed to choose a right friend. I'm so wanna leave Malaysia very soon if a got a chance..



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