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Sunday, November 29, 2009

jalan jalan kat kl

huhu. saya dan keluarga baru pulang dari kl..em..g umah nenek di many things happened..but mostly ok la..huhu...nak citer dari several most memorable scenes..mostlikely when my cousins and i went for jalan2...haha..we planned to watch new mase kiteorng dtg..most of the shows were at cancelled..jln2 kat around the utama..huhu..for's fine..but for 2 of my cousins who wore heels..hahax..kesian gler kat dorang...after jln2..lapar plak kiteorng ade idea yang x tau nak dikatakan bernas atau x..kiteorng g umah aunty yang dekat ngan o.u..kat mutiara damansara..kiteorng bg la die x kiteorng just pegi sajer..sesampai nyer kat dpn umah aunty and uncle were absent..they went out.yang ade bibik..kucing, iguana nd byk lg kiteorng pown ngan perut yang lapar tu./terus bertukar haluan..ngat kan nak mkn umah aunty skit ade sorang volunteer nak belanja cousin's yang belanja kiteorng kat hartamas square..then..mase raya haji..haha...saya pergi sembahyang x cayer je..huhu..x pe arr..teman nenek tercinta..huhu..ade jamuan skit kat mls la nak mkn..kat umah nenek.ramai giler yang datang..besh la..petang tu..kiteorng dah plan nak g tgk wayang kat galaxy ampang..mase pegi aunty antar...kiteorng tgk...twilight saga..huhu..akhirnyer..tempat tu agak merunsingkan..takut maa...we ngat kan nak g pavillion ker..or klcc..but ini tempat yang paling dekat ngan umah nenek..just imagine..kiteorng mlm2 blk jalan kaki dari galaxy ke umah nenek..nasib baik ade short cut..actually bley call my dad..cuz i dad is around..but i sajer nak jalan ramai2 ngan cousins lain..sampai je umah..mkn..and boom terus tido..huhu..

Friday, November 20, 2009


I'm now preparing stuff to pack into my luggage..I gave my mum stack of clothes, 2 boxes of toiletries and other necessary stuffs. I don't have any idea what to cousins are just different..they do have quite numbers be..of clothes..i think..I'm going to be defeated..maybe in a week they will buy 2 or 3 pairs of clothes..huhu..Therefore..i think..i should buy new clothes either..maybe KL..yeah.!! I love shopping in One many gorgeous apparel's a shopping heaven..a mecca for fashionista..maybe..i'm not included..and maybe also yes..huhu...Unfortunate we have to go by bus..because my dad working..then next week he'll fetch grandma..going to wait at long i haven't step my feet at Pudu..I has undergo several renovation..which cost quite loads of expenses..yeah..peace

Christmas @ New Year at Mutiara Damasara

huhu..i'm actually planning to go to the curve mutiara damansara on christmas and new year for watching a big performances backgrounded with dark skies with glimpse of moon shines...huhu..a fireworks performances..if I got time..or buddy to hang out with..I coudn't resist the temptation to watch those kind of performances as well stage performances..i'ts going to be a big party..I always participate it before..but i'm uncertain for this time..because my soulmate will be in Singapore..some unsettled matters to be major possibilities i'll be with my cousins..hopefully my mate will settle those things we can hang out together having quality previous memories when I used to attended the same festive last year New Year 2009..remain fresh..and I stil l remember my friend and I watched Bedtime Stories at Cathay Cineleisure Damansara..that movie ended at 11.30pm...then we got 3o minutes to go to the main square..near the stage..prepare ourselves with couples of snow spray..when the time came..we screamed like hell at the mean time spraying people around that matter who you are..we feel so close more stress appeared.. before we came back..we bought Mc Donald..i have my McD porridge..wait the traffic to relief then we back..I arrived at home at about 4 or 5am..took my shower..then..boom..sleep volunteer to accompany me, just text me..peace..

funny dad called me just now..he says regarding the degree course..i've informed him before that i'm not recruited for this dec intake..and he was silent and wondering either...then he called several influenced people..asking how to do..and what to do..yeah..i'm his only hope..he concerns about me so uncle said, we have to call the faculty..maybe the result haven't come out..I tried to reach several friends..they said the result come out at 3rd week of december..what!! I have misunderstood the i'm releasing my relief sigh..I thought of changing the course..because previous chosen course was a random pick..without precise thinking..I hope..i will be one of the lucky person who will be recruited for the students intake..i'm not ready yet to thread onto working my parents so much...nothing more worth than you both..God bless my family..peace

i'm back..

after quite a long period of time..i'm back writing my blog...i just don't have brilliant ideas to talk about..but what makes me come back is because of yesterday my friend wants me to update my blog..em..nothing much interesting occured in the very recent days..except mum gave me pile of cash to buy a brand new hp..i was like..what!! are you sure..actually i have talk about this particular hp before to her..and i don't expect she going to take it seriously..then she said..she agreed to give me some money...i cost me bla2..i bought my hp with my newly met friend..he is so good at bargainning stuff..huhu..we got quite much less than its actual i'm owned a windows mobile dream hp actually is a blackberry..but it's ok..maybe the features is much better..because with addition of video call, gps navigator, wifi, bla2..thank you so much i can read my notes straight away from my pocket pc..huhu...tommorow, we are going to KL..visit my grandparents..who live in damansara and my biological grandma in ampang..muet exam last day...em..i feel so bad..i'm totally not satisfied with what have i ideas just stop..and i was blank..haha..let it go...don't want to mess up my mind with those thinking anymore..but i'm hoping for the nice looking result..peace..

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Its bloom again

Huhu..I just can't believe I got fell in love again..I thought of vanishing the word LOVE in my life seems been highlighted and filling this lonely heart..peace



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