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Saturday, April 14, 2012


fuh!!..frankly speaking..those kind of information were easily digested, the problem raised when too much thing which need to be inter-linked. The way to convey in convincing mode is a real challenge even though you do not have suffice knowledge about it. Entertaining customer never be an easy job, each individual has own character, we have to prepare to bear whatever it is. It has been around 2 weeks time training session, I feel quite nervous, worry, confident so much thing twisting and mixing. I hardly describe it by word. Hopefully, I can go through with ease, obtaining experience and so forth. *peace*

work attire

Giggle..Fashion and me, are really meant together like bread and butter. what i hate is to wear formal clothes and be neat. (geeky neat). NO WAY. I like geeky style, but not too formal..when HR representative said we only need to wear formal clothes on Monday, I was so excited. Very seldom to find a workplace where do not require their employees to wear formal and keep long hair.. My hair is a crown for me. Really love it, i received compliments as well as complaints about it, but the compliments overweight the complaints. *peace*

F.R.I.E.N.D I stepped into the company, I thought, I would be the only man who was offered the job, but i was wrong, n that really relieving. Yeah, I got new friends..first person who notify me was a guy sitting next to me. We had great chat and my friend networking is expanding over time. I get to know many other friends, they are cool too. First week of training, the ties between us  was as strong as UHU glue..hoho..and what disappoint me was our ties is seems to loose the adhesive property. We broke into groups, so sad. By now, the true colours are unveiled. I still cool with all, I let them to judge me, I don't want to interfere with people's personal matter.

Stepping into job world

i guess each child has their own dream, ambition, one day what they'll become. I have long list of ambitions what i wanted be, other great positioned job. Never crossed my mind I would end up to work as what I'm working now. Whatever it is, I am grateful in which I fulfill my spare time to work rather than sit on couch, watching TV, eat, and sleep. Seems heaven, isn't it?. It kind of heaven for few days time, when it exceeded, the boredom level is so alarming. Before I accept the job offer, I sought advice from my lover, she is so supportive at any possible time, tirelessly feed me with beautiful advice, my close friends..some gave positive feedback and some gave a contradict version. Now it is time for me to make up my mind, what pops out in my mind was , I need to say YES..cuz dats really a powerful word. Believe me. After sufficient consideration, I made up my mind to accept the offer. Yuhoo..finally..after 5 years of studying in University, I'm stepping into a new world called job world. A world that peculiar to me, in a sense of the environment, internal and external, stress level and so much more. I never worked before, add up spice of nervousness what work would be, would it be a heaven...or a damn hell??.. MMmm..*peace*



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