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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Jogging-a routine activity if I got spare time usually in the morning. Last day,8Th October 2009.. I have to change my jog route as the path that I'm usually pass was block by a gang of dogs, scrappy dogs which one of the scariest animal ever..what sparks in my mind at that time was if they caught me, I'm surely dead, sempat lagi I ngat kat Dr Hana..about rabies virus which transmitted to human by animal particularly dog. Then, I decided to change my route to a place near the estuary, the place was simply amazing.On my right hand side was a jetty..whilst on my left hand side area was full with construction sites..I saw many Indonesian workers pushing their strength to the limits, yeah it was a gruelling work. Indonesia?? Suddenly something struck my mind..a "Bendera" organization..which planned to attack Malaysia on 8Th of October was quite frigthen regarding the issue. Then what else, I quickly walked away from the area, which I afraid of being assault by the Indonesians. Thank god nothing is happening.. I know Indonesian is not that bad. Maybe, their emotionality overcome the let us tighten the ties..not to break the ties..peace

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