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Friday, October 16, 2009

come on lah...

Omg..they make this again..again and again..I'm getting sick of this. Please give me way out of this complicated circumstances. I have to tell this despite the pain I got, each time they quarrel. Because I couldn't resist the tense given to me as it become tenser and tenser..ayah- mak please stop this..i feel really down and sad..till I write this post with my shivering fingers pressing the pad slowly and my tears drop down on the pad..this is not the cool thing.I'm a son, i want to be responsible for both of them, think about your children. Come on...!!..forget about those stupid things. I'm in the middle of the dilemma, where I should go i should lead my own way..I don't want to be a scrap for the family, race, country..Oh my goodness..things that I keep for all this while is now unveiled. Guys..pray for my family happiness. I really want a great family..peace

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