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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yesterday my friend and I went for outing..we went out at about 7.oopm. As we arrived in Melaka Mall we straight away bought 2 tickets for a movie called Papadom. It such a wonderful film, no wonder if the film got many awards. The story revolved around a father who really care of his daughter which incidentally brings trouble. An over protective father who only have a daughter and nobody else in his life. This story ended up with a great ending..a happy ending cool..guys!! you got to try watch some..WE watch it at MBO Melaka Mall, usually in Melaka I always go to GSC 3M..this was the first time I went to MBO Melaka. The place was really cool also, nice decoration, arrangement, lights...Then, after we finished watch the movie we went to klebang, bay area where many people hang out there, we don't like loafing we jsut want to breathe a breeze air from the sea. Suddenly my tummy groaned indicated an emptiness..hehe..then we went to nearest restaurant to feed my tummy. After a while, we decided to go to Jonker walk , which located in the heart of the town.After I finished my meal we went to Jonker Walk..we thought there is a "pasar malam" there.. But yesterday they don't have. So, he straight away sent me back home safely..peace

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