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Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm here back in shah alam

hahax..right now I'm sitting on the cosy seat in one of the cc in Shah Alam. I just arrived here very recent. I departed at 8.30am this morning, "thing" that commuted me here of course la other transport any cheaper than I prefer to sit in bus. I arrived here at exact 10.30am. I took my nap while on-the-way here, because quite tired an of course because of boredom that always haunting me. Yesterday, my friend came to my house, we have a great conversation..not much thing spoke by him, I was the one who talk more. I was pretty shocked because in sudden he told me he wants to come to my house. While I'm busy packing for my stuff in my luggage, I stopped , tidy up my room and lil bit more at the hall, to give him pretty much nice impression. After we got long chit chat then he went back home. So, I continued packing my stuff, I hope nothing necessary left back. After the talk tomorrow I will follow my aunt back to TTDI. Maybe on next Monday I'll back to Malacca...peace

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