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Saturday, October 17, 2009


In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful.All Praise is due to Allah The Exalted, and May Allah raise the rank of our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him,his kind relatives and companions, and protect his nation from that which he feared for them thereafter. This is not a religion sermon..A bone of contention I write this entry is..I need His guidance in which path I should choose..I am now having problem in deciding which course I should pursue on..I am completely have no dad said I should go for homeopathic medical sciences in CUCMS..but i rather choose biomolecule sciences in UiTM....I believe his choice always be best for me..He always assist me in any kind of matter..especially in study. The main interest is now, I don't like to deal with people in my future career..that is my weakness..which I hardly cope..Can I change that mind set...I afraid of dealing with many people which I also had a pessimistic minded. The previous experiences taught me..In a monologue mode..I ask I able to change this nearly fix minded...?? ermmmm...maybe yes...take your time..Argh..till when...till you completely confident. Okay..I will put my father's suggestion into consideration..peace

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