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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I just arrived from S.Alam yesterday at 7.34pm , my thanks should go to my friends who help me a lot..during my visit to S.Alam, saya rasa sangat bertuah kerana mempunyai rakan yang concern about me..hari ni saye akan bercakap dalam bahase rojak..huhu..suka suki sajer.. special thanks should be given to Shah, Syahril, Hafiez and byk lg kerana menolong saye..sorry sgt2 krn Shah..stew yang u buat to sedap cume I x suke mkn daging so I x habiskan. To syahril, sorry cuz ganggu waktu bljr u, to hafiez sorry cuz ganggu waktu kerje u.. syg bngt kat kwn2 sume.. gambr i mase kat umah sewa dorang kat klang..peace


  1. saufie..its ok..just me to sorry coz not spending my time to really busy wit my thesis...but im so happy ur here visiting me even less than 10 hour wit u..heheee...insyallah i will go to Malacca n had holiday thre k...

  2. yeah..welcome to mlk..em x pe..i mmg terhutang budi sgt2 kat kwn2 sume..thanks for being my friends yeah




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