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Monday, October 5, 2009


As soon as I arrived from JB, I took my bath and bla2.. then, like my regular basis I put on astringent of my face follow by concentrated serum..then, when the time comes for anti-blemish oil,tea tree oil was dripped into my eyes..I immediately ran to the toilet and washed with flowing water. eyes were reddened and so irritated,I let it open in a flowing water, I scream out loud call for my parent..they were so shocked and asked me what was happening.My mum as usual nagging about my clumsiness, hahax. Actually I want to drip it precisely at my pimples which around my forehead region, without realized it dripped so fast into my eyes. Stupid oil..emm...stupid me also... thank god, nothing bad happen..thanks to my prompt my brain, my nerve and bla2...Now it back to its duty, work to give me sights. peace

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