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Friday, October 2, 2009

back to JB

Tomorrow, mum+sis+me...> JB....attend>>.dinner,,RAYE DiNNeR..hahax.For ages I don't go back to my born place..I was born in Hospital Sultanah Aminah, in an elevator..hahax..joking. I was a premature baby, I was retained in hospital for month till fully developed in the incubator. I mean, normal enough as compare to other normal baby born. My weight was only 1 kilogram, and my parent said I was so small. They put me a "zorro mask" to block ray from incubator from distracting me. I was raised there till I reached standard one, after that never come back. And tomorrow for the very first time after I moved, I will thread back to my "land". The excitement is start to boost, though my mum says there is nothing in JB, it just a city, not more than that.But for me it is something, to look back what you have left for so long,changes of atmosphere and bla2..peace

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