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Saturday, November 27, 2010


mm..thinking the fresh idea to write about.owh yeah, I got something to share, it is about me and my own dumminess. haha..weird isn't it. I am so boring right now due to my stupid action, not really stupid cause if I know the consequences, I would not let it happen. actually, i've been missing facebook,twitter bla2 so much..and I get so excited when I get home, I tried to connect, unfortunately, my broadband was barred.No other reason than not paying the bill, kay..I put that case aside, then I come with a wise idea, tried to connect to my cousin line, wimax...em using my lappy wireless app. It has been so long I haven't online using wifi, so I merely forgot how to get connected. I thought it must have problem with the software, therefore I uninstall it so I can use the other existing app in my lappy. I don't know that they both are, once I uninstall the pro intel wifi software it also distrupt the whole wireless' function..n now i'm blogging with my mobile. thank god. I can still get connected with my mobile.

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