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Thursday, November 25, 2010


KL central always be the witness of our relationship,
KLCC represent our relation, where it has to bound together forming a beautiful masterpiece.
Times Square and MidVAlley are the hubs for us To satisfy our crazy Fashion desires,
RapidKL -commute us most of the time
UiTM's library..haha, most chosen dating spot-study gak la..
PKNS and SACC mall places we hits when bores,
McDonald..haha..not to mention..a place for us to stay up..studying like hell..
Law Fac, AS Fac..haha..especially next to viro lab..favourite place reminiscing the memory of my Fav lecturer Dr Hana..
etc.. a must place to fav personal store..MPH..haha..her world..
me either..but just browse fashion magazines and stuff.

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