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Friday, April 22, 2011


These days, i feel really bad..really2 come out of sudden..sad in a middle of laughter, yeah..peeps might say i'm mad or whatsoever, but do i care what u say peeps. No body care about how i feel, how much the pain i hold. What they see only Saufie who always act normal. They do not know,then.. do not ever ever judge people. Yeah, i did sometimes judge people, but they are people that i don't really know and it just for the sake of kidding. Not to mention internal conflicts within my family, myself, me and friends..just add more salt on the wound..till now, i hardly describe what i really feel. is nearing, and i have no mood to study. It affects me so much, and i realized my academic performance was relatively bad.. again bad word comes. I need friends, at most cases, i failed to choose a right friend. I'm so wanna leave Malaysia very soon if a got a chance..

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