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Thursday, June 10, 2010

tranquil morning

No other sound intrude my ear drum except the buzzing sound from little stand fan positioned besides me, emm..WAIT!! I also hear cricket sound from the lawn outside, and a voice reciting's so calming.Everyday during intersession I wake up at 4.30, no alarm needed. my body wakes by itself, after preparing myself(..brushing teeth..rinsing mouth ..cleansing face...bathing..shampooing..bla2..and lastly ablution.) Then, choose right apparel according to day, for example; Monday..should be quite formal, Tuesday, Wednesday, restriction, I may have a random pick...Friday, usually wear loose cut apparel ,,long sleeve shirt..haha..mcm girl I wear..a grey polka dot cardigan, with striking red colour shirt, and skinny jeans..bag..let me think..MAY be CLING BAG would be NICE..DONE..besides blogging, I'm now checking the news in the internet by which it has become one of my MUST thing to do before I off to class. Yeah..just to IMPROVE my general knowledge and by knowing current issues I can set up many conversations with my friends. I am prefer to read a conventional news form, which is newspaper, but online news is more economy..I don't have to buy and besides it can reduce the usage of paper..though papers are recyclable goods. stop till here cause I need to perform prayer..I'll continue it later on..peace

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