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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

gler lame..

haha..gler lame x post any entry...hari nie mcm bese lps class..mkn tido...that's my routine during usual boring all the time..thanks to social city and my lover SI who not miss and tirelessly helps a lot to reduce my boringness..telling about intersession, it really makes my life at class time..when off, i'm back to my dormant state..where I hibernate myself doing nothing but napping. Should not be a good example.I just received a text message from her telling she had arrived in Melaka safely. But i couldn't reply I'm out of credit, sad isn't it. What worry me is now is regarding our marketing part is completed, only left to compile with others group members's part. creep me the day where tears or laugh are about to determine..tears when you fail the subject..or laugh cause you excel. Oh my God..I really hope it's fine. Exam is nearing me, makes me tremble though no cold, my first test for marketing..I think I did it badly..second test even worse..hate myself. I just cannot control myself, nervous until it block my brain to think properly and arrange-ably, I just scribbles on the test paper, with my bad handwriting, error in language where me myself realize, but i just cannot repair it back back cause afraid I will not have enough time. I lend couple of novels, but none of it completed. Funny, I just cannot be somebody else, culture of reading is just not into me. Especially novel that revolves around cruelty. My graduation day was superb, love it. I'm eagerly wait to have my second graduation for my degree. Although not many friends picture able to captured, but enough with memories and experiences throughout 3 consecutive years. Sure, enough with 3 years numerous experiences I had, bitter sweet memories will always be in my heart. here are some pix on my graduation day...

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