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Thursday, June 10, 2010

hang out at library

does it sound weird..usually people hang out at shopping centre, recreational park or maybe somewhere else that might be sounds good. But me, I just hang out at the library like a'm not GEEK..haha..just browsing around some infos in the seeking info for my zodiac, my friends' zodiac, news, fashion trend..argh..what a boring life..I just couldn't escape from this world.."formal student life"..yucks..I'm now embedded between two gorgeous newly met guys..ceh.suke mereka dgr....haha..kwn marketing..which one is from biology course and another from business marketing course. WE have totally different interest, the one on my left hand side guy so DAMN interested in comics whilst on my right hand excited to see his investment in KLSE..well business minded people always like that..KLSE..what's that??? ha ha..KUALA LUMPUR STOCK EXCHANGE..owh yeah..I just got my second test result..classify it as "just fine"..hopefully I'll get splendid result later. Okay, now I'm out of idea, okay daa..

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