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Friday, November 20, 2009

i'm back..

after quite a long period of time..i'm back writing my blog...i just don't have brilliant ideas to talk about..but what makes me come back is because of yesterday my friend wants me to update my blog..em..nothing much interesting occured in the very recent days..except mum gave me pile of cash to buy a brand new hp..i was like..what!! are you sure..actually i have talk about this particular hp before to her..and i don't expect she going to take it seriously..then she said..she agreed to give me some money...i cost me bla2..i bought my hp with my newly met friend..he is so good at bargainning stuff..huhu..we got quite much less than its actual i'm owned a windows mobile dream hp actually is a blackberry..but it's ok..maybe the features is much better..because with addition of video call, gps navigator, wifi, bla2..thank you so much i can read my notes straight away from my pocket pc..huhu...tommorow, we are going to KL..visit my grandparents..who live in damansara and my biological grandma in ampang..muet exam last day...em..i feel so bad..i'm totally not satisfied with what have i ideas just stop..and i was blank..haha..let it go...don't want to mess up my mind with those thinking anymore..but i'm hoping for the nice looking result..peace..

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  1. hahaha.. got new phone witout notice me...




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