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Friday, November 20, 2009

funny dad called me just now..he says regarding the degree course..i've informed him before that i'm not recruited for this dec intake..and he was silent and wondering either...then he called several influenced people..asking how to do..and what to do..yeah..i'm his only hope..he concerns about me so uncle said, we have to call the faculty..maybe the result haven't come out..I tried to reach several friends..they said the result come out at 3rd week of december..what!! I have misunderstood the i'm releasing my relief sigh..I thought of changing the course..because previous chosen course was a random pick..without precise thinking..I hope..i will be one of the lucky person who will be recruited for the students intake..i'm not ready yet to thread onto working my parents so much...nothing more worth than you both..God bless my family..peace

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