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Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas @ New Year at Mutiara Damasara

huhu..i'm actually planning to go to the curve mutiara damansara on christmas and new year for watching a big performances backgrounded with dark skies with glimpse of moon shines...huhu..a fireworks performances..if I got time..or buddy to hang out with..I coudn't resist the temptation to watch those kind of performances as well stage performances..i'ts going to be a big party..I always participate it before..but i'm uncertain for this time..because my soulmate will be in Singapore..some unsettled matters to be major possibilities i'll be with my cousins..hopefully my mate will settle those things we can hang out together having quality previous memories when I used to attended the same festive last year New Year 2009..remain fresh..and I stil l remember my friend and I watched Bedtime Stories at Cathay Cineleisure Damansara..that movie ended at 11.30pm...then we got 3o minutes to go to the main square..near the stage..prepare ourselves with couples of snow spray..when the time came..we screamed like hell at the mean time spraying people around that matter who you are..we feel so close more stress appeared.. before we came back..we bought Mc Donald..i have my McD porridge..wait the traffic to relief then we back..I arrived at home at about 4 or 5am..took my shower..then..boom..sleep volunteer to accompany me, just text me..peace..

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