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Sunday, January 24, 2010


after a period of silencing myself not to write and even seldom updating my status in facebook. I'm now writing this post..just want to attempt reactivating my mood in writing. I am so fail in writing..I forgot many of basic formats, committed numbers of grammatical errors..I'm sorry for that..but this is just a blog..not a formal place..where every single alphabet is taking for spelling such thing in blog.. I can write in many ways as I long as I feel, I believe not many people will pay their visit to my blog..haha.
New Year friends and I have a splendid moment...I was seemed to be exorcised by NEW YEAR like hell..nah..joking..I followed the beats and the crowd was damn cool..previous year I celebrated it at The Curve..then this year I made a slight change on the venue..haha..Pavilion..the Glamorous place in KL..located nearby StarHill Gallery...a Mecca for tycoons and fashionistas..

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