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Saturday, December 26, 2009


trust and sincerity is the crucial part in a relationship, I believe everybody agrees with me. Why M is always question my sincerity, I know my own limits..and M should know M own limits..M frequently struck a wild thinking on my mind..seems to cover something behind me..I hope this relationship will long last..M keep saying , trust me, believe me..but the situation seems not allowing me to accept M words. To many things likely to appear gradually. If M really a trusted person, show me God..and vice versa.Month after we've declared I enjoyed myself so much. Lately, each time I went out with M, my tears seems becoming cheap.Seriously, I hardly cry, but M really made me mad. I love you so much, thank you for what you've done to me..I'm so appreciate it. I only hope you can be the one I can trust the most, and the one I can express my love and care..sorry because I hardly express my love, but I want you to bare in mind..I only love one able to long you treat me same as I treated cheating..please remember NO CHEATING..I hate a liar..If you don't do all the stupid may ignore what I mentioned above..peace

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